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Do beautiful women intimidate men

XXX Video Do beautiful women intimidate men.

How am I scary? Then one day, one of my guy friends gave it to me straight. How could being intelligent and independent be a bad thing? Especially in a relationship, do guys want to marry ignorant, dependent women? That still made no sense. I am not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing. As a woman, I want a man who is strong and able and willing to take care of himself, and me if need be.

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But I also have been doing things on my own for a while now. And I feel like this is something that is become much more apparent in my generation.

In most places in the world, women are no longer kept at home under the guidance of their father until they are handed off to their husband to be taken care of by him. Relationships 50 or even 30 years ago were pretty much laid out like this: That is how my parents, grandparents, and their parents all grew up and viewed relationships.

But things are so much different now. This basically means that women are the boss. Women today are educated, and we have been given more opportunities to advance, take charge, lead, and Do beautiful women intimidate men care of ourselves. Women do not rely on the support of a man to get through life.

Despite whatever your personal belief may be about the wage gap, it is still undeniable that women make more now than they ever have before. The modern woman is more capable than ever of working a full-time job and supporting herself financially.

This means that, though it may be nice to have a man who showers us with gifts or pays our bills, we are completely capable of doing those things for ourselves. And men love to be needed, so showing a man that you are financially stable on your own is intimidating. Women who are independent financially are generally less emotionally dependent on others.

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And with the growing girlpower trend, women are empowering each other, and multiple independent women empowering each other is definitely more intimidating than one. An independent woman is a hardass, and she will tell you when you are being a dumbass. She has too much to take care of without playing games.

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She will always lay it all out for you from the start; her expectations, her feelings, and her deal breakers. She may forgive you the first time you mess up, but strong independent women rarely give second or third chances.

You should have listened the first time.

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