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How to give advice to a friend about relationships

Naked Gallery How to give advice to a friend about relationships.

We'd all like to serve as a beacon of wisdom in our friends' lives when they're going through a hard time, but we may not always feel confident that we'll say the right thing.

Giving great advice starts with simply being present. Often you can help your friends find the answers they need within themselves.

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For some pointers on how to offer helpful guidance, follow Hovanessian's five tips to help you guide your friends to their own solutions. Be an active listener Ask your friend to explain her problems and listen with the intent of hearing her out rather than planning what you're going to say. As we worry about them, issues can become overly complicated in our minds, but just by stating them out loud our problems tend to become a little bit simpler.

Your friend will feel far less alone as you empathize with her. Your questions will also help her see things in a different way and may present opportunities that she may have felt were impossible.

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Believe in your friend Even if you can't relate to your friend's problems, chances are her emotions — frustration, angerdisappointment or helplessness — are familiar to you. During these times, hearing encouragement can have a contagious effect.

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