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African-american dating couples icon ideas tumblr

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K-Music And Black Women: Can they hear me? Ok, here it goes.

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We love you too! Idols love all of their fans, right? What do you think about other Black girls not liking what I do? So on the topic of my videos. I mean stuff like that? To answer your question yes! A lot of us would love to date outside of our race in general if you want me to be completely honest with you.

So on the topic of dating. And mostly rappers, singers that are not K-Pop idols. They gotten phone African-american dating couples icon ideas tumblr of fans they were attracted to. So what you are saying is that SOME of them, mostly the rappers and singers have gotten with some Black fans?

So even here in America?

I think because the people they look up to are mostly African American rappers and singers and they like the styles of the women like the skin, clothing, hair of Black women. On to the next question.

Like, for example having a race fetish means you only want a certain race for a sexual fetish. You will only sleep with them or only date them but will never want to marry them, you know…just using them for your pleasure and nothing more.

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Learn something new today I guess. What do you think of K-Pop having a lot of Black fans around the world and being attracted to Asians?

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Do you think Korean parents are against Black women marrying their sons? You might get this type of question again later. Do you think a K-Pop idol would ever date a Black girl?

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Or better yet a Black Fangirl? They have any way right? A lot of them idols date privately any way right? If you like some one, you like some one.

If we like a girl no matter what race and attracted to her, anything is possible so along with that you will end up dating. Do they think we are all racist or something? Since when do people speak for all of us?

Not all Americans are racist right? No but at the same time why use it as an insult?

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Ok so if you had one pick up line to say to a Black girl and think it would work. What would you say? I asked my lovelies K-Music Fam on my instagram story to give me questions to ask you and I got a lot!

Some nasty ones too but I skipped those. Cause I want to erase your past and write our future. And if yes did you see any Black women you found attractive or your type? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

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You want me to be honest, honest, honest. Aw that was sweet, thank you.

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Just being honest here. No no no not at all I promise. Do you even listen to K-Pop?

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But why would they say that? In what way exactly? Oh, well not really.

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Did it hurt when you fell from the vending machine? When people from the same circle of friends start dating. Tumblr users have a habit of creating couples, and sometimes entire fandoms, from inanimate objects or random concepts.

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