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Never lose hope in latin

XXX pics Never lose hope in latin.
Contextual translation of "never lose...

Submit a translation request. Google Translate is always wrong, always. Don't even bother turning to Google Translate before asking us for help with a translation. Please provide context for whatever you are asking to translateas a single phrase may have many different translations depending on its context.

Numquam Desperare-never lose hope Done...

Context should include the precise meaning and the connotations which you are going for, as well as the gender and number of people involved, if any. If you'd like your ability or achievement in Latin to be confirmed by a flair, please message the mods with what you'd like it to say it'll be different to the normal flairs that anyone can edit, as it will be imperial purple.

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If you aren't reputable on the subreddit already, you will either have to wait to attain repute, or send some proof of your ability to the mods. Join the official Latin discord server here: Interested in getting a tattoo in Latin?

Need help with the translation?

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