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What physically attracts a man to a woman

Nude 18+ What physically attracts a man to a woman.

Ask any man what he looks for in a woman and the answers will probably be somewhat similar: Seems fairly simple, right? But according to a What physically attracts a man to a woman of scientific studies, there are many other attributes that men are subconsciously seeking in women that may come as a surprise to you, and to them for that matter.

Perhaps what is most surprising of all is just how much of a role a woman's ability to bear children plays in whether or not she is desirable to men. As you read, you'll realize just how much childbearing abilities matter to the male subconscious in their quest for a sexual partner. It's worth noting that in my research, I also uncovered a few personality traits that men subconsciously seek in their women as well, some of which are quite interesting.

For example, a study by Daniel Nettle at the University of Newcastle in the UK found that men prefer women who show empathy and agreeability because our human ancestors relied heavily on women to form social alliances.

Another study found that men prefer women who are moderately neurotic because that indicates that the women will worry about the welfare of their children and therefore be better mothers. In other words, men are far more complex than we thought and are capable of deeper desires than we could have imagined. One of the more well-known physical attributes men prefer in females is wide hips, but it's not quite that simple.

According to scientists, men specifically prefer a waist to hip ratio of 7: Such a ratio is believed to be the perfect one for childbearing. Less than that may signal that the women are not suited for childbirth, while bigger than that could suggest fertility issues relating to being overweight.

Of course, men do not necessarily understand this or recognize that they are specifically searching for this particular ratio. In fact, few men even realize that they are looking for women that are most capable of producing children because that is a subconscious desire that would probably terrify most men if they even considered it. Still, it's instinctive in them to go forth and procreate, whether they know it or not.

They just know that they like what they see and want more of it when they're looking at Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

Studies show that men prefer high-pitched voices, which are associated with higher levels of estrogen and therefore are perceived as youthful and more feminine.

Research shows that high-pitched voices also suggest a smaller body size, while low-pitched voices indicate a bigger body size, which is why women prefer men with low-pitched voices.

In a study by the University College London, researchers prerecorded statements from males and females and asked participants to rate the attractiveness of the voices. Researchers then changed the pitch, formant, dispersion and pitch slope of the voices and asked participants which voices were most attractive. Findings revealed that the men preferred high-pitched, breathy voices. Scientists note that in the animal kingdom, voices and tones matter too. While a deep growl signals a larger animal, a low pure tone like a buzz from an insect indicates small size and submissiveness.

Perhaps men prefer high-pitched voices for the same reason. Studies show that men prefer women with long, thick shiny hair. Science shows that men equate this type of hair with health and vitality, which also indicates Healthy women have lustrous, shiny hair, whereas the hair of sickly people loses its luster.

Because hair grows slowly, shoulder-length hair reveals several years of a woman's health status. In other words, you might want to think twice before donning a pixie cut.

But then again, the better advice would be to be your own person and not worry about what men think. If you want short hair, go ahead and get What physically attracts a man to a woman.

There are plenty of exceptions to this rule, I'm sure.

You can't really pin point...

Did you ever hear that sweet anonymous quote that states, "Don't frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile. The obvious explanation for this is that a smiling female is by far more approachable than a frowning one.

No one likes rejection and a smile is a very inviting way for a female to indicate to a male that it is safe to approach her, so of course this is something guys prefer.

A smile might also have a link to that agreeability thing that guys prefer in women.

So what physically attracts women...

Smiling females equate to agreeable ones and are therefore more attractive. So go ahead and smile. A study in the PLOS found that teeth provide a record for one's health history. Researchers examined the effects of digital manipulations of tooth color and spacing and found that the presence of yellowing or abnormal spacing negatively impacted ratings of attractiveness. The researchers also found that as teeth become yellower and darker with age, teeth on a female is of particular importance because it signals "residual reproductive value.

Fortunately, there are tons of natural items and products on the market that can help women to achieve pearly whites, but it's not necessary for women to go overboard.

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