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Since January 1,the jurisdiction over the service cheques is entrusted with the three Regions. Your main home is in Flanders?

A service cheque is a cheque purchased by a private person for remunerating one hour of work carried out by a worker in his home. Each service must last at least three hours. You complete one service cheque for each hour of work commenced. At Daoust Service Cheques, the household help signs a real employment contract with all the statutory benefits pension, paid holidays, insurance against sickness and accidents at work, holiday pay, unemployment insurance, etc.

In order to use the service cheque system, you must register Gratis dating sites vlaanderen dienstencheques sodexho Sodexo, which manages this service nationally.

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This registration is free. Registration is carried out via the online form www. You can also register via the paper registration form downloadable from the Sodexo website or available from local job centers.

Once complete, you send it to Sodexo either by fax, by post or by mail.

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Keep your codes carefully as you will need them to order your service cheques. Your registration and your user number are used to personalize your service cheques but also in order to send you your tax certificate. The minimum order is for 10 service cheques but you can of course order 12, 23 or 37, etc.

Do not forget to mention your user number as a structured communication in your payment. This is the number you received in the confirmation of your registration. Beware that as the payments are handled automatically, no other indication will be considered.

Your booklet of service cheques will be delivered by post or added to your electronic portfolio within 10 days of receiving payment. How does it work? We encode data regarding the services of your housekeeper Gratis dating sites vlaanderen dienstencheques sodexho a secure extranet. You just have to confirm the services, by phone or internet. is the official website...

Want to switch to electronic service cheques, contact your JobCenter. For each hour worked, you give the worker a service cheque with the detachable stubwhich you complete in a legible manner in black or dark blue ink and sign it.

You also state the effective date on which the work was carried out and the type of activity tick box.

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Service Cheques Household Help. Interested in a household worker from Daoust Service Cheques?

Leave your contact details and we'll contact you! Choose the nearest JobCenter. I already know a household help. Tools Your holiday planner Complaint Form.

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Use the electronic service cheques: For managing your service cheques easily, 2 options: Titres-services by Sodexo The benefits of electronic service cheques: Welcome to the Family! Send to a friend. alexa traffic ranks

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Find out more about service cheques in Flanders Since January 1,the jurisdiction over the service cheques is entrusted with the three Regions. What is a service cheque?

You are entitled to a tax deduction of 30 per cent on the total sum of your service cheques. The maximum number of service cheques you can buy in one year is per family.

What tasks are involved? Service cheques can be used for household work such as: Cleaning, including window cleaning Doing the washing up Washing clothes Ironing Preparing meals Doing the shopping Occasional sewing What tasks are prohibited?

Carrying out household repairs Painting and decorating Gratis dating sites vlaanderen dienstencheques sodexho Babysitting … Contact us if you have the slightest doubt. How much time per day?

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It is via Sodexo that you can buy your service cheques. How can I buy my service cheques? Validity of service cheques bought in Cheques Service bought in remain valid and usable for 8 months from the date of issue and may be used in the 3 regions until the end of their validity.

Once your registration completed, everything is simple and automatic.

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