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Mickie james in the nude

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Come here to discuss pro wrestling in all its forms and factions. Get your flair here! These communities are not moderated by the SquaredCircle moderator team. What's the story behind the Mickie James nude photos? I searched for something on Google images and came across some really racy nude photos of Mickie James. More Hustler than Playboy for sure. They didn't appear to be photoshops and there were a lot of them. I'm sure this has been covered before, but whats the story here? I assume this is pre her first WWE run?

I tried to Google more info but as you can guess searching "mickie james Mickie james in the nude photos" doesn't bring up the best results. My brother knew her. She worked at a local strip club here in Richmond to pay bills too.

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She danced at a party he was at once. He saw her in the clubs. I'm sure she worked at Olive Garden at one point and time. You have a good argument. But what would you say if I asked you, "What's the story behind Maryse's nude photos? Can confirm; it definitely is. Google sucks now for that kind of stuff, even with Safesearch off.

I'd say it brings up nothing but the best results. Google Gail Kim nude and Mickie james in the nude if you can find some info on that. She has claimed in shoots that it's not her but a look alike. Also WWE employed her several times so guess nobody can prove it's her.

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She has never confirmed that it's her and in her Highspots shoot she says it's not her and since WWE brought her Mickie james in the nude they must obviously believe her. They don't normally bring bring people in who've done Porn example Chyna and like I said in her Highspots shoot interview she has said that it was not her and when the office asked her about it and that's what she told them.

They obviously believed her to bring her in and keep bringing her back. I'm just repeating what's been said by her which is all we officially know, everything else is speculation. Depends on the people, a big corporate office that considers their products marketed towards youth might've seen it as a problem we don't know. Like I said I'm only repeating what she herself has said documented in an interview, now if nobody has seen the interview I don't know what more I can tell you.

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The way they seemed to approach it seemed like it was in her best interest for it not to be true and since she adamantly denies it then that's all we can go on. Nobody have ever produced any evidence that it's her. She has never come out and confirmed doing any of the nude stuff or porn.

They bring it up in this interview and she still won't confirm it. So a lookalike, years before Mickie was famous, did nude modelling under both her Mickie james in the nude and Indy wrestling names? Did the lookalike also appear as a stripper on Jenny Jones? I'm not denying that it was her, the poster asked what the story was and officially that is what she has said and nobody has provided any evidence be it Mickie james in the nude contract or a cheque or anything with her name for the work and she has also denied and avoided ever confirming it.

So as it stands she says it's not her.

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She was working as a waitress at Olive Garden while training to wrestle. Their backstage feud was then mocked by the writers in this segment. I wasn't following at the time so I never heard any of this.