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Rated r for strong sexuality

New xXx Pics Rated r for strong sexuality.
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It includes X-rated films reassigned an NC rating, and titles which were originally rated NC, but later re-edited for a different rating. Titles with surrendered ratings are usually released unrated to avoid the stigma of NC Changes in ratings are due to resubmission or appeal by a film's producers.

Films receiving an NC are often cut and resubmitted in hopes of earning an R rating, which allows distribution to more outlets than an NC rating. Still, there are some exceptions: NC films also tended to gross more on the home media market. Occasionally an R-rated film will have footage or language added to earn an NC rating and its Rated r for strong sexuality notoriety. In at least one case, an R-rated film was re-rated NC even though no edits were made: Some titles include the reasons the rating was given.

Inthe Classification and Rating Administration began including a brief statement of the reason for a specific film's R rating; several years later it began giving reasons for all film ratings.

Few films have kept the rating for theatrical or DVD release.

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