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Today the AIDS virus has found its way into the heart of many black communities, especially in the South, and it is eating away at the life source of the African American family: According to the Henry J.

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Research from the Kaiser Family Foundation also indicates that inFlorida was the state with the second largest population of African Americans estimated to be living with AIDS—nearly 20, people.

Faced with this grim statistic, many state, county and local health Ebony feminization here in Florida are doing aggressive outreach to address the crisis of AIDS in the black community.

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She was diagnosed in Today Colson is involved Ebony feminization many community outreach programs in the Gainesville, Fla. She gives talks to students and other at-risk groups about the dangers of drug addiction and how it can increase the risk of contracting HIV.

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She says she was addicted to crack cocaine for 17 years and her drug addiction drove her to prostitution. My family was going to give me a separate spoon and my Ebony feminization cup. Her office conducts various screening and prevention programs that include HIV testing in jails and at the health department, and distributing condoms at St.

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Francis House, a non-profit organization that provides services to homeless people in Alachua County. Poverty, unprotected sex, intravenous drug use and the lack of AIDS awareness in the black community are all significant factors contributing to the expansion of the disease. And a recent report in Ebony magazine confirms that many black women with AIDS are intravenous drug users Ebony feminization sex partners of intravenous drug users.

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Many women also contract HIV through unprotected heterosexual sex with an infected person. He was diagnosed with AIDS 10 years ago. We need to spread the word, not just Ebony feminization the virus.

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Ten second-year nursing students will receive two-year full-tuition scholarships. Previous studies have shown that African American women Ebony feminization not only less likely to seek help for their depression, but they very….

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