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Christian perspective on hookup and marriage

Naked xXx Christian perspective on hookup and marriage.

Sara attends a well-known big city university on the west coast.

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A year old college junior, her steady boyfriend is also a Christian. Her boyfriend, Marc, is somewhat knowledgeable about the Bible from high school Bible study groups he attended prior to coming to college.

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Last month, Marc surprised Sara when he told her that perhaps they should begin dating other people. Richard is 26 years old and works as a broker in a commercial real estate office in Chicago.

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He considers himself a Christian and wants to find another like-minded professional Christian woman. One Sunday morning, one of the woman he recently got together with suggested that they go to a cool church that some friends of her have been attending. Karen and Jeff are getting married in 6 months and are attending a 6-week pre-marriage class at their church. As Christians they wanted to meet other young couples and perhaps get a head start on marriage tips. While committed today to each other, both have had fairly active sex lives in their past as college students and as young singles.

Karen even dabbled for a period of time in a same-sex relationship prior to meeting Jeff 4 years ago. Of course, sex and relationships are not just a modern struggle.

By the way, these 3 scenarios above are from 20, 30, and 40 years ago. While most people agree on the purpose of sexnot surprisingly their opinions vary today across generations:.

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Here are some quotes from college students:. Pearcey points out how hard it is to maintain this internal dualism.

Many are disappointed or get hurt anyway. She claims that people are trying to live out a dualistic worldview that does not fit who they really are — one that drains relationships of their moral and emotional depth. The upshot of this cultural trend is the delay of marriage, the increase in empty sexual encounters, and an increase in personal and emotional unhappiness.

Scientific Support Against Hookup Culture To compound the issue, science is uncovering new evidence of Christian perspective on hookup and marriage profound interconnection between body and person.

There is a significant role played by two hormones released during sexual intercourse. Oxytocinparticularly strong for woman, creates a desire to attach to the other person, like a chemical bond whether desired or not.