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What smh mean in text talk

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If you need immediate assistance, please call These kids today and their abbreviations and acronyms, or in this case an initialism for "Shaking My Head". I've basically given up trying to keep up at this point, but that doesn't mean I don't want to know what these things mean when I see them. This curiosity brought me on a short journey into some interesting search results pages recently and today I thought I'd share a few observations with you.

Ever since I learned this distinction, I take every opportunity to educate others. Break it down Grammar Girl: Initialisms are another type of abbreviation. They are often confused with acronyms because they are made up of letters, so they look similar, but they can't be pronounced as words. I'm leaving "acronym" in the headline because that's what most people believe is correct and will search forbut I hope you've enjoyed your grammar lesson for the day.

It has, however, become increasingly clear that I'm quite out of the loop when it comes to internet shorthand - initialisms and acronyms that allow users to say more with fewer characters. But these days there are so many it can be tough to keep up. But I What smh mean in text talk had one of those "you're old! Acronym for 'shake my head' or 'shaking my head.

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Sometimes it's modified to 'smfh' or 'smmfh' by those that prefer profanity in their internet acronyms. So there you have it. Now neither you or I will have to pretend to be hip enough to know what these millenials are talking about when we see SMH pop up in our Twitter feeds, Facebook comments or Skype IMs.