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29 palms location

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The City is renowned for its world class murals 29 palms location artists, supportive business climate, pristine air, beautiful natural surroundings, desert and mountain vistas, and friendly family lifestyle. Enjoy our website, but we also invite you to experience the history, culture, lustrous starlit skies, breath-taking sunsets and sunrises in person. The first recorded exploration of Twentynine Palms was made in by desert surveyor Colonel Henry Washington.

He found Native Americans, principally from the Chemeheuvi tribe, living in the surrounding hills and near the spring they called "Mar-rah," meaning "land of little water.

The early Native American inhabitants Serrano, Chemheuvi, and Cahuilla were followed in the s by prospectors in search of gold. The Oasis of Mara was a favorite camping spot.

Twentynine Palms (also known as...

There, prospectors would 29 palms location and replenish their water supplies before venturing farther into the unknown desert. The area was then generally known as Palms Springs.

However, it is also known that an A. Green, a member of an survey party, reported that there were 26, not 29, fine, large palm trees at the oasis. There are many stories told of the derivation of our present name, including one that claims that it was Colonel Washington who named it for 29 palms location number of palm trees he found at the oasis at the time of his survey, but this has never been authenticated.

In the s, local Native Americans led prospectors to locations south and east of the oasis where gold had been found. Thus, mining began in the area that later became known as Gold Park. It was not long before freighters were hauling supplies to be used not only in the Gold Park District, but also in the Dale Mining District east of Twentynine Palms, where other valuable deposits had been located.

Gold mining continued sporadically through the following years, but ended about the time of the onset of World War I, when no further new 29 palms location deposit discoveries were occurring.

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After the war, many veterans returned to their homes suffering from tuberculosis and the effects of the mustard gas that had been used in combat. Luckie from Pasadena, California, treated many of these men and in the s began to search 29 palms location an area in the California desert that would provide a beneficial environment for people afflicted with respiratory and heart ailments.

After visiting many places, he chose Twentynine Palms because it had a moderate elevation and clean dry air, as well as being accessible to large cities. Veterans brought their families and began homesteading the acre parcels then made available to settlers by the federal government at no cost. It was this homesteading that determined the widespread area that is Twentynine Palms today.

Crude two-rut roads were built beginning inand 29 palms location burgeoning new community established its own school. Twentynine Palms has a short but rugged history.

Many of the same ideals and values exist here today as they did in those early days.

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Pioneer Helen Bagley, author of "Sand in My Shoes," stated in her writings, "We did 29 palms location always work in peace and harmony. But sincerity, interest and enthusiasm we had in common. History, of course, is what we all make each day in our everyday lives, and Twentynine Palms has never lost its pioneer spirit as it has progressed.

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That spirit is 29 palms location and affects many who have chosen 29 palms location make their home here and have joined with the original families and their second and third generations in actively supporting the goals of the community. Oasis of Mara, s, by Harlow Jones. Visit the 29 Palms Historical Society website for more information.

Known for its clear skies, brilliant star-filled nights, desert and mountain vistas, wide open spaces, and world-class murals and public art, the city offers a haven for artists and nature lovers, a restful getaway destination for visitors, a scenic location for photography and filming, a supportive climate for small businesses, a family-friendly lifestyle for residents, and a healthy environment for retirees.

Developed as a desert homesteading community in the s, the City 29 palms location Twentynine Palms was incorporated on November 23, Situated in the Morongo Basin area of San Bernardino County, about miles east of Los Angeles and 50 miles northeast of Palm Springs, the city encompasses 58 square miles and has a population of approximately 30, residents. With a variety of restaurants and lodging properties, from historic inns to modern hotels and RV facilities, the city offers ample accommodations for some of the 2.

Twentynine Palms is proud of its dark night sky and premier stargazing locale. The site offers free star-viewing events every Saturday night except during a full moon. Less than 5 miles from the national park entrance and the main gate of the Marine Corps base is the main business district of Twentynine Palms.

Besides abundant lodging and dining, a variety of small businesses form the backbone of the local economy, with independent retail and service businesses supplemented by several national chains and corporate entities.

More than business licenses are issued in the city 29 palms location year. Public education is provided by the Morongo Basin Unified School District, with four elementary schools and three secondary schools in Twentynine Palms. Copper Mountain College in nearby Joshua Tree offers associate's degrees and nursing programs, and Chapman University, a private institution with its main campus in Orange County, has a campus located on the Marine base.

Health care is provided by the 29 Palms Naval Hospital aboard the Marine base, which treats active duty and retired military personnel, and the public hospital in Joshua Tree, which consists of Hi Desert Medical Center, a modern, 59 bed primary care hospital, and the Continuing Care Center, a bed skilled nursing facility.

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Several family health clinics are available in Twentynine Palms, and Hi-Desert Memorial Health Care District operates diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services, home health, Hospice, and other services in the area. Housing in Twentynine Palms is affordable for families, singles, seniors, and retirees.

The Marine Corps Air Ground...

Homes range from large modern residences, custom homes, ranches and rural living properties to medium-sized subdivision dwellings, apartment complexes, and artist studios. The call of the desert 29 palms location lured many artists, musicians, early retirees, and urban escapees to become desert denizens in recent years.

And, because of its friendly community spirit, Twentynine Palms is a wonderful place to make a home while being stationed at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. Incorporated on November 23,the City 29 palms location Twentynine Palms encompasses 29 palms location City of Twentynine Palms is dedicated to securing the quality of life through development and preservation.

Statistically in the San Bernardino-Riverside market area, the City is geographically separated from urban centers by a mountain range, creating a unique and desirable small town living environment. The dry desert climate has temperature ranges similar to the San Bernardino-Riverside area and is cooler than Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, with clean 29 palms location and low humidity.

The City has, through the Twentynine Palms Water District, an adequate supply of quality water for the foreseeable future. Due to the abundant sunshine, proximity to the "wind belt," and the presence of geothermal water, the region has been earmarked for alternative energy research and development for the 21st century.

Although separated from the Southern California megalopolis by mountains, Twentynine Palms is close in proximity to the urban population, which enables it to take advantage of a large market without being located within it, thereby escaping many of the economic and environmental burdens that can be attached to an urban population.

Military dependents, local labor pool, and the community college provide a large inventory of skilled workers at competitive wages.

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The community is business friendly, and we are actively seeking new job-producing businesses and services for our residents. Speak to our City Staff or the Chamber of Commerce if you wish to learn more about opportunities in our growing community. We hope you have a chance to visit our unique and beautiful community and learn that the City of Twentynine Palms, relaxed and friendly, is truly a gateway to the 29 palms location Outback and a beautiful desert oasis for body, mind, and spirit!

A few billion or so in our incredible night 29 palms location. Really you k now… from the song.

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Find a chair just before sunset. Seriously, unending vistas like you wouldn't believe.

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Go Out and Play! World-class rock climbing, bouldering, hiking, and nature walks. Enough to do for weeks! Or, golf, bowl, swim, or skateboard.

It is located adjacent to...

Joshua Tree National Park. Like no place else on earth. Picnic, hike, and camp among incredible rock formations.

Howl at the "No Swimming" sign at Barker Dam it's usually dry. Walk through silent desert valleys of Larrea tridentata Creosotethe oldest living plants on earth.

Observe orchids growing in 49 Palms Canyon.

It was previously called Twenty-Nine...

Feel small, insignificant, and honored. Adjust lungs to clean air. Vow to stop being a city slicker. Some of the best water on earth — yes, there is plenty of it in our underground aquifers. Real old 29 palms location living history -- poke around an old gold mine, watch a cowboy shootout, whoop it up during our annual Pioneer Days event, wonder about all those homestead cabins, then take a tour of original adobe homesteads.

The Oasis of Mara.