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What to do on a romantic getaway

Quality porn What to do on a romantic getaway.

A romantic weekend with your husband may be just what you two need.

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But are you ready for it? Here are my 5 ways to prepare for your alone time! You have a sitter for a whole weekend? Babysitter, Dogsitter, Housesitter, whatev… you got a sitter. Ahhh… a full night.

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Plus, you can wear and wear and wear those again. So I mentioned my other post: In that, I suggested you may wanna tend to your female upkeep. Trust me… I need to practice what I preach.


Some of my friends even go get waxed. I may, or may not have gotten about 5 minutes away from my Brazilian wax appointment, and chickened out. Traditional airport photo before flying out on our romantic weekend…. You know those conversations that you and your husband have every once in a while, that ALWAYS cause a fight, or extreme tension?

For years, I would think….

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Or how he decided on that huge life changing decision, without me. I drink coffee at 4: That seems to keep me up to at least The Secret Weapon in my Marriage. You may be surprised, after you read the book… or he may have more than one.

It was a total life changer in my marriage.

Really… you deserve it. Take an ibuprofen an hour before and exhale on the pull. It really is not bad! And I would have added one more tip for the one night trips, but I am not putting it in print.

The 40 something crowd might know what to do before dinner because at our age, after dinner we are going to bed! I can always count on you for a chuckle.

I should totally take an ibuprofen before hand. That is… if I can talk myself in to it. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on the blog!

I am so excited; I finally saved your blog to My Favorites. I just bought a Mac and it is a slow learning process for me, but I adore this computer! Love to read your posts after a long day at work and taking care of the house and family, though everyone is fairly self-sufficient in my house — What to do on a romantic getaway for the little details! So appreciative that you have it saved in your favorites! I adore this thing!

Thank you so much for the sweet words! You officially made my day! Like I mentioned on Facebook, this is just in time for our trip this weekend. That is some great advice.

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I really need to go get some new matching underwear sets. Have so much fun!!! My husband and I are always doing things for everyone else and not enough for ourselves.

I have been wanting to do something special for the both of us, get a hotel room for the weekend, some special toys, go out to eat. You have givin me some great ideas. I really do hope you get a chance to get some alone time!!!

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Have so much fun! Soooooo my fiance and I go out to eat allot sometimes by ourselves and sometimes with the kids. So this weekend we are going away for a pool tournament which we will have some time to ourselves.

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Can you pleaseeeeee help me? This is SO exciting! Do you happen to know his love language? Like, does he like it when you do things for him? Or say nice things to him?

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That may help come up with some ideas! Oh me too… the 5 Love Languages is the best! Thank you for the tips! My boyfriend and I are going to South Lake Tahoe this weekend for our 3 year anniversary!!! And the rest will be up in the air. The 5 love languages are great!

Important reminders that we express love in different ways. I need to manicure my hoo-ha for sure haha! Touch is so intimate. Oh my goodness, have SO much fun Rebecca! Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful time and come back with a ton of great memories!

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I google an idea for a week end gateway with Hubby, and this came up first. I hope you have an absolute blast and enjoy your time away!!!

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