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Recurring facial rashes

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I s your skin itchy, dry, blistering or red?

Skin rashes can occur from...

Do you have rashes that come and go? You might have eczema, herpes, or one of 6 other types of skin conditions. Read on to see photos and get doctor-recommended tips to heal each type Skin conditions are easy to mistake for something else.

Facial redness cream pro

Is it dermatitis or hives? A breakout or infection? Without knowing what you have, you could inadvertently be making it worse. Recurring facial rashes can be triggered by anything from weather eczema to perfumes contact dermatitis. Many of these rashes come and go. Read on for 8 common skin conditions, symptoms and triggers, photos, and simple soothing tips from dermatologists… Skin Problem 1: With psoriasis, skin builds up and flakes off, leaving red, scaly patches.

Skin rashes are common patient...

Eczema, an inflammatory skin disorder, causes red, dry, cracked skin that often itches. She compares the condition to a leaky roof: Most outgrow it around agealthough it can return in adulthood. Commonly affected areas include the eyelids, elbows, back of the arms, knees and hands especially if you wash or use your hands frequently.

Severity and frequency of outbreaks can depend on environmental factors, such as dry weather or rapidly fluctuating temperatures, or contact with certain products, such as perfumes or rubber gloves. Scratching makes your skin Recurring facial rashes, which itches more. Doctors recommend a combination of treatment and lifestyle changes: Minimize contact with water.

Buy skin-care products that are unscented, not fragrance free. Take short, lukewarm showers and pat skin dry, leaving skin damp. Then smooth on an emollient, such as Aquaphor, which seals moisture into the skin.

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Contact Dermatitis A type of eczema, contact dermatitis is triggered by physically touching something that irritates or causes an allergic reaction. Unlike many forms of eczema, however, contact dermatitis is highly curable.

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