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Laying on stomach legs together

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Not spending enough time in the land of nod can cause weight gain, memory loss and increased anxiety. In severe cases, poor sleeping patterns have also been linked to Alzheimer's and diabetes.

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But it's not just the length of your slumber that's important, according to health experts. From neck-pain induced headaches to impaired circulation and difficulty breathing, the way you lie during the night is linked to a host of health issues.

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Whether you're a side sleeper or can only fall asleep on your stomach, here is how your sleeping position could be impacting your health. Dr Hooman Melamed, orthopaedic spine surgeon, told Medical Daily: You are in the best position as your spine stays in natural alignment. Lying on your stomach is the quickest way to experience said back problems among other health issues, warned physical therapist Vivian Eisenstadt.

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The expert told Medical Daily: While this sleeping position can be beneficial for those who snore, it is can wreak havoc for sufferers of neck or back pain and should be avoided.

Sleeping on your side is a much safer option for those prone to neck or back pain as well snoring. To avoid this, experts at the Mayo Clinic advise drawing your legs up slightly toward your chest and placing a pillow in between your legs.

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A full-length body pillow can also be used. Sleeping on your back is the most preferred position Laying on stomach legs together it comes to neck and back issues, as lying flat allows your spine to rest in a neutral position. But lying flat can also trigger and exacerbate snoring and sleep apnoea for those who typically suffer from such conditions. If this is the case, invest in an orthopaedic pillow to help prop your head up without straining your neck.

Sleeping on your stomach prevents...

Your sleeping position can also have a big impact on your health. You are in the best position as your spine stays in natural alignment Dr Hooman Melamed.

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It's also often the preferred position for pregnant women. Cats sleeping in crazy positions.

But if done incorrectly, it could lead to compressed nerves in your arms and legs. It is very convenient to practice asanas lying on the abdomen. If it is not possible to lift both the hands and both the legs together, then one hand and one leg.

Sleeping flat on your back helps keep the spine in line. To keep the legs even during sleep, try tying your legs together with a towel.

Sleeping on your stomach prevents snoring but is bad for your back and neck closed pack, tight position, which also compromises your breathing up slightly toward your chest and placing a pillow in between your legs.