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Homemade bikini wax beeswax honey

XXX Video Homemade bikini wax beeswax honey.

The BlogHer conference is this weekend.

Time for my annual eyebrow wax and pedicure. You know the saying that women dress for each other? I mean, how often do I write about cosmetics on this blog? But when the BlogHer Estrogen Fest rolls around, I get all self-conscious about my neglected feet and crazy eyebrows.

Witness the crazy eyebrows for yourself. I found some ancient wax strips and a sugar waxing kit in the bathroom cabinet.

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The wax strips are paraffin coated plastic. Into the plastic collection they go, unless I can find someone who Homemade bikini wax beeswax honey them. The Sally Hansen sugar wax kit seemed like a possibility, despite all the plastic packaging… until I read the ingredients.

The stuff is basically just candied sugar and water. I based my experiment on the Youtube Video D. Y Hair Removal Wax With Honey and Sugar because the recipe includes honey, which I thought would be nice for my skin although honey is not necessary. You can do it with plain sugar. Also, the recipe makes a very small amount. Check out this video if you need to make a larger quantity for waxing legs or other body parts.

I realize I could skip this whole process by simply tweezing my brows.

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