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Some folks must work really hard to remain so willfully ignorant. They must go out of their way to miss all the points in such a painfully obstinate manner.

Sports agent Aaron Goodwin looked...

The way to hopefully get through to her is by not sitting idly by and letting her deflection slide. The way to hopefully get through to her is to call her out on her convoluted bullshit. There is no one way to be Black.

This is about Nina Simone. Nina was unrelenting in her Blackness at a time when it was dangerous to be so. She was so radically Black that it was detrimental to her career and her marriage.

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Even in her own words she reveals a reality where she was a certain type of Black. A Blacker shade of Black:. So while Zoe is Black in the way she knows how to be, Nina was Black in the only way she was allowed to be.

It mattered to her because it mattered to the world that oppressed her. It directly and adversely affected her life.

At a.m., I'm awakened in...

She wrote about it; she spoke about it; she sang about it. They tried to do so through every single choice they made that led to Zoe being cast to play Nina.

At a.m., I'm awakened in...

Of course Zoe is free to define her own Blackness however she sees fit. Make it a mantra if you must: Oh Sweet Mahatma Gandhi. You know that, right? Of course you know that. The same reality of colorism reinforced by the film in which she chose to star. Zoe, the prosthetic nose you wore was unattractive but not because wide noses are unattractive.

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