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Long term relationship advice for men

Naked Galleries Long term relationship advice for men.

There are so many guides out there for the ladies for how to get a man, keep a man, ditch a man — it was about time for an article for the fellas.

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From years of rom-coms and fairy tales — the ladies are slightly brainwashed. Here are some tips on how to not mess that up. If you had a really great bratwurst recipe that all your buddies love and high five you over at every tailgate — why change it?

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You nabbed her bro — congrats! So why fuck up a good thing? If for the first 3 months you would go pick up her favorite bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit every Saturday morning which made you seem like a knight in shining breakfast armor— why the HELL would you stop?

If anything, you need to add thoughtful things to make sure your girl knows she made the right decision picking you. Pull it together — candy crush can wait.

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I know your lady totally understands. Communication is the key to any good relationship, so being able to discuss honestly and frequently how you feel about the other person, the relationship as a whole, issues that may arise even if its incredibly hard is going to only be helpful down the road.

I will tell you that on the girls end, nothing hurts worse than a dude who just goes with the flow and never makes a peep about things that bother him and eventually, when everything falls apart which it willhearing from multiple people that he was unhappy dating her Long term relationship advice for men months.

So open up fellas! Communication and honesty are THE most important parts of your long-term relationship.

That being said — you need show her that you are a total open book. Of course there are many other things you need to learn about making your long term relationship last — how to fight fairly, how to balance your career with your life, etc, and these are lessons to be learned through time but hopefully these starters will be helpful to you!

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I hope you can learn from my terrible experiences and stop creating red flags for yourself. Relationships are difficult and confusing at times but a few little tweaks really go a long way with the ladies — good luck!

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Now, however, I'm in my first long-term relationship (nine months Dating/ Relationship Coach and Owner of The Popular Man, tells Bustle. should never go to bed angry might be good advice, but it isn't always practical.