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Mario and luigi kissing peach

New xXx Pics Mario and luigi kissing peach.

The Mushroom Kingdom rejoiced. The Toadstool family wanted to hold a party in the Marios' honour. So tonight, they would award the Brothers medals, have a banquet and party all night long. All the mushroom people got invited. Everyone is full from the meal and are on the Castle dance floor dancing away.

Throughout their journey, Mario and Luigi start to really like Peach and Daisy. They were two of the nicest girls the brothers had ever met.

The brothers sat on one side of the hall whilst the Princesses sat on the other side talking to their friends. Toad noticed that Mario and Luigi were eyeing up on the Princesses. So he walked over to them. Most of them are self-centered jerks who are only in love with themselves and only marry princesses so that their family can get more money.

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Mario looked at Peach, who looked back at him and smiled. Mario went hot all over and pretended not to look at her. He was so embarrassed.

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Their hearts were beating really fast, their palms were sweating and they were shaking. But they got determined to talk to the women who would soon be their future wives. They walked over to Peach and Daisy who were by themselves chatting.

They saw Mario and Luigi and gave them a welcoming smile.

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