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How to tell if she is lying through text

xXx Videos How to tell if she is lying through text.

Is this person lying to you? If so, how can you tell if someone is lying over text?

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See if it takes the person longer to respond. One study found that people take 10 percent more time to respond to a question over text if they are lying.

This is natural, of course—they need more time to come up with a believable answer.

If the person really likes you, it can just take him longer to respond because he wants to sound impressive. See if the answer seems way too complicated. If the person is describing every little detail of his or her night when all you wanted was a simple answer, then it may be to convince you that whatever story he made up really did happen.

If the person is really a novice at lying, then they may even backtrack to correct themselves in the middle of the text exchange.

See if the person quickly tries to change the subject. If the How to tell if she is lying through text tries to change the subject, then this is another red flag that he or she is lying. If the person gives you a quick answer and then asks a more complicated question, this can be a great way to create a diversion away from the fact that he or she is lying.

He can say something like this: How was your night?

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