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Best things to say on a date

Pron Videos Best things to say on a date.

There are few things more awkward than a first date when conversation stalls.

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Luckily, we have some tips for you on how to ignite a great first-date conversation that will leave her wanting more. Asking questions is an essential part of any good first date — but they have to be thoughtful, fun questions.

Far too many first dates resemble painful job interviews: Instead, try and ask more unusual questions.

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People love to talk about their hobbies, so go off what you know. Did you meet her at a salsa bar? Ask her questions about how she got into X or Y: Instead of asking dead-end questions and getting stuck in a rut of small talk, ask large questions. Is this the kind of place you normally go to?

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My friends and I normally go to karaoke, in these dive-y bars. A healthy, interesting conversation between two people bounces back and forth and covers a variety of topics without ever getting bogged down!

40 First Date Questions That...

What about you — when was your last relationship? This is one of the most terrible conversations you could be locked into.

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Focus on the future! Ask your date about her future plans -- remember, this is a fresh start for both of you in the dating game, not a time to complain or rehash the past. You may want to talk about how you acquired such a wealth of expertise on red wine.

Are you cutting them off to hold forth? Are you making them feel heard? She should feel like she can be herself with you: What do you say?