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Now that we were empty-nesters she was prepared to move cautiously in a search for a compatible couple. Her breasts are small but her nipples and aureoles are large and very sensitive, sucking and biting them while fingering her or using a dildo or vibrator brings her quickly to an orgasm.

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She has lovely legs and a beautiful bottom and her tight pussy is topped by triangle of blonde hair. Quiet and somewhat shy by nature, once sexually aroused she is quite the tigress and wants to go for hours.

I had wanted to see her with another man for a long time and was very excited that we were now embarking on that very path. I was also aware of the number of possibilities there were with four people as opposed to two and longed to experience them. We placed a profile on an adult web site and Real life mature swinges for responses. Since we were novices it was decided not to contact anyone but wait for a suitable couple to contact us. Several young males, not much older than our son, showed an interest in Ellen even though we had indicated we were only seeking married couples.

She liked their firm bodies and big hard cocks and was flattered by their comments about her photo and desire to fuck her. We thought it might be an option for the future once we gained some experience and I had many horny thoughts of two, three or more young men with her at the same time really giving her a good screwing and spilling their large loads in and over her. Ellen also had a fascination for black guys and wondered if they were ready different to anyone else.

She was turned on by internet pictures Real life mature swinges videos of black guys with huge cocks and the way the women appeared to love being fucked by them. We received several responses from couples but none were to our liking until we heard from David and Gloria. They were older than us by ten years and were experienced swingers.

They promised patience and understanding for newcomers to the lifestyle and lived a twenty minute Real life mature swinges away. Gloria stood a good four inches taller than David at five-eleven and was a statuesque beauty with big tits and a curvy figure.

David was about five-six or so, balding and sported a small moustache. He was very well hung with a long, thick uncut dick and Ellen was Real life mature swinges taken by it. I was of average endowment and circumcised and Ellen wanted to play with a big, uncut cock.

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Gloria looked great in her photo and I certainly wanted to get to know her. Ellen replied thanking them for their interest and expressing our interest in them. There then followed quite a few email exchanges over the next week ending with an agreement to meet at a local coffee shop on Saturday morning.

David and Gloria were already sipping their drinks at a corner table when Ellen and I arrived and after smiles and handshakes we settled down with our coffees. David nodded in agreement and I looked at Ellen. She raised her eyebrows and smiled. David Real life mature swinges as he scribbled his address on the back of his business card.

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Our excitement was palpable as we drove home. Ellen rubbed my thigh and felt my erection. I had to agree and highly erotic thoughts of Ellen with David Real life mature swinges me with Gloria ran rampant through my mind. It was with a mixture of excitement and nervousness that Ellen and I got ready to meet David and Gloria that Saturday night. During our emails it was discovered that our wives enjoyed dressing erotically for sex and David and I certainly liked them to.

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Ellen packed some things in an overnight bag to change into after we arrived. The short drive to their home was filled with tense anticipation and as I rang the doorbell, Ellen and I exchanged nervous glances.

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David and Gloria welcomed us into their spacious home and led us to the family room. David produced a bottle of wine and filled four glasses. As we sat, Gloria said they had introduced newbies before and knew that we would be nervous as well as excited, as they were on their first time.

We have a couple of robes upstairs for you.