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Who is rapper black bear dating bella thorne

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Okay — Bella Thorne used to date Blackbear. First thoughts to come to your mind are: Now, Blackbear is an American hip-hop artist. As of late, Bella has been dating a gentleman by the name of Mod Sun also a rapper. Bella and Mod have been seen umpteen times around town together, and the two have been very public with their kinship via Instagram and Twitter.

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Bella used to date Blackbear, now she's dating Mod Sun Dating someone and then turning around and dating a buddy of theirs is just wrong and messed up on so many levels. It's even more messed up when you're dating your ex's friend out in the public and millions of people are witnessing it!

Bella Thorne's New Boyfriend Is...

That's the reason why the following 15 pics of Bella Thorne and her new beau Mod Sun make our stomachs queasy on sight. Never mind their disgusting PDA and horrific choice of style The item, who have been spending a ton of time together as of late, held hands as they strolled. Mod, even appears to be taking home some leftovers and some brews!

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This is so sweet, right? This photo has already gone viral, thereby we know Blackbear has already caught wind of it. We can only imagine what Blackbear is thinking and how he truly feels. Once they reached the vehicle, Mod Sun had two choices: Now, that first option may sound good to a lot of you guys but in reality Mod make the right decision by electing to open his new beau's door.

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Normally, a guy performing such a sweet gesture would makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside; however in Mod's case, we've had to take Pepto-Bismol the original, pink liquid one too! You gets no points for this Mod. When Cole Judah Lewis stays up past his bedtime, he discovers that his hot babysitter Bella Thorne as 'Allison' is part of a satanic cult that will stop at nothing to keep him quiet.

If you've seen the movie, than you already know it is very gory and very Who is rapper black bear dating bella thorne Yeah they may be fly, but still it makes our tummies bubble a bit due to the fact that Bella had the gall to take Mod to the premier like he's not Blackbear's homeboy!

Oh wow, the plot thickens. We gotta give it to these two, it takes serious guts and very thick-skin to post pictures of this magnitude on social media— especially when you have As you see, the pair were inside the premier getting their flirt on hard.

In one image, Bella even reaches over with puckered lips to lay a wet one on Mod Sun—she even captioned it!

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It makes you think, did Bella get with Mod out of sheer spite for Blackbear? Perhaps Blackbear did do something to scorn Bella; we don't know. And just when you thought the film premier fiasco was over Bella Thorne, is not the only one that can post 'boo pics' to IG.

Honest who is rapper black bear dating bella thorne naked pictures

In the above image, rapper Modsun posted on his IG a photo of him and Bella Thorne holding hands inside of The Babysitter movie premier with the caption, "Movie". Mod's heavily tattooed hand blankets Bella's delicate blue-finger-nailed one.

Yes, very much cozy. It makes you wonder, were Modsun and Blackbear ever really friends?

Because if they genuinely were, than Modsun would of never ever went out with Bella no matter what she did or said let alone post an IG pic of him holding her mitt. With friends like Mod, who needs enemies! As you can see from the image in the middle, Thorne does a mean Michael Jackson impression!

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On the left, once again Mod is cradling his new baby girl and Bella is loving every minute of it. Bella's hot bro, so we're not mad at that; but, it is still unethical Mod what you are doing. Now — this photo is hysterical, misguided and creepy all at the same time!

Remember when we just said that Mod is very appreciative to possess Bella Thorne Still outside of the studio, Bella appears to be fatigued and walking off perhaps to the carwhile Mr.

All jokes aside, Mod's expression looks like a spooky Halloween mask or something. It seems here, that Bella Thorne and Mod Sun are making beautiful art together. With both of them being artists, it's no shock to us at all that they are getting their paint on. Well actually, looks like they are making a collage or something—hmm, perhaps they are using lovey-dovey photos they have of themselves!

Mod Sun looks on cheerily as his new squeeze displays her paintbrush skills. The secret Mod's murmuring? Of course, we have no idea what Mod Sun was whispering in Bella Thorne's ear; but, we can see with our own eyes Who is rapper black bear dating bella thorne whatever he was saying to her she likey a lot. Bella Thorne and Mod Sun's painting session ultimately spilled outside, and the two 'discussed art' in front of a big ol' tree looking bush or whatever that is.

We give credit where it's due, and the pair are rocking some chic threads if we must say so ourselves. We especially love Mod's jeans; now that's some art. Hey wait, do you think that is what they Who is rapper black bear dating bella thorne working on—Mod's denims? Bella Thorne and Mod Sun sure have been spotted around town a lot of times, considering they only been together for 2 seconds.

Mod looks quite fatigued his self, which makes us think he is too headed inside to put on some PJs so he can relax with his friend's ex-girlfriend—sorry, we meant with his new girlfriend.

Bella Thorne's New Boyfriend Is...

Yes they're an attractive couple, but as long as they're together we will never let Bella and Mod live down the fact of what they did to poor Blackbear. Mod Sun recently posted the above image on his IG. Lol, you giggled because you know it does.

Bella Thorne Might be Dating...

Bella Thorne sports some fierce spiked belt strap looking things around her legs—giving us a gothic, racy feel. Add the wrist accessories, jean shorts, the chain looking body wrap, blue scarf and matching red sheer shirt and lipstick Indeed, Bella may be astonishing in the pic but that still doesn't give her a pass with us as far as what she and Mod Sun are doing publicly to Blackbear.

Whoa, whoa wait a minute Not only did Bella turn around and date Blackbear's friend right after they broke up—she posted a pic on her IG of him hugged up with her moms!

Now correct us if we're wrong, but isn't that like the ultimate slap in face? Bella's been Who is rapper black bear dating bella thorne this dude for a half a second and already she is putting up photos of Mod with her mother. Mod must have the supreme gift of gab to win over Bella's old lady that fast. Than again he is a rapper and get's paid to formulate words so, that wouldn't be too hard for him to do actually.

Well well, if a picture's worth a thousand words — than this one would be "Yucky" repeated 1, times! Not yucky because they're sharing a fun, intimate moment together; nah, nothing wrong with that at all. It's "yucky", because Bella posted this pic to her IG Think about, if And that's just messed up man—really, really messed up. Evidently, Bella and Mod do not think that this is "messed up".

In fact, it appears that duo are loving every minute of it! Eh guess you're only young once, right? That place must be kicking, because Mod is throwing down like he's at a backyard BbQ! Wish we knew what place this was because we'd be there in a hot second—one, for the food and two to hopefully run into the legend Bella Thorne herself!

Giving we did run into her, you know the first thing we're asking is "Bella, did you ever bring Blackbear here?

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