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Pantyhose in the movies

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Yes, we need to continue finding ways to get more women under 40 to dress up and wear pantyhose … Maybe think about focusing on a younger demographic — girls age Occasionally, I visit some of the hundreds of websites on the Internet that are devoted to women in pantyhose, and am always happily amazed at the uncountable number of pictures they feature of women in pantyhose. It makes me wonder how there ever was a bear I quote the use of bear for the word bare on the first reference only legs culture.

It also makes me wonder how the proponents of Pantyhose in the movies bear legs movement sleep at night, because their collective hopes surely must be dying on the vine every day and in ever-increasing numbers. So this post is my attempt to praise the many young celebrities out there who seem to be devoted pantyhose wearers. We owe a great thank-you to the hundreds of thousands of celebrities throughout the world who today continue to buck the once-widely-popular-but-not so-much-anymore-yet-still-lingering-in-some-numbers bear Pantyhose in the movies culture.

And they are doing that every day by wearing pantyhose in astounding numbers for all occasions and at all venues.

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That is extremely credit-worthy. Case in point …. Actually, I know nothing about her.

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I am not a fan of reality TV shows. Hate the booties, but love that they are open-toe and love her toenail polish under the sheer black pantyhose. Or is it that I love that she is not in the least influenced by those so-called fashion experts who try so Pantyhose in the movies to convince everyone that not only should pantyhose never be worn, but especially not with open-toe shoes?

In researching Kylie, I saw no evidence that she is a dedicated, or even frequent pantyhose wearer, but the fact that she was convicted enough to wear this outfit during an event that was seen by an estimated million households around the world, to me, she deserves praise.