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Buddhism prostitution

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The topic for tonight is the Buddhist view toward sexual ethics. In general, in Buddhism, we always try to follow a middle path, and so regarding sexuality, we want to avoid two extremes. One extreme is that of being very strict and severe.

This view Buddhism prostitution at sexuality as something dirty and, basically, bad. But, then, we also want to avoid the other extreme, which is Buddhism prostitution attitude toward sex that anything is okay: The Buddhist middle path that teaches an ethical approach toward sexuality avoids these two extremes.

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To follow it, however, we need to understand the Buddhist view of ethics. As there are many different ethical systems, Buddhism prostitution need to be careful not to project our own systems of ethics onto Buddhism.

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For example, Biblical ethics teaches a set of laws given by a higher authority, by God. Ethical behavior, then, is an issue of obedience to the laws.

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Another major ethical system that we inherit in the West is from ancient Greece. And again, Buddhism prostitution is an issue of obedience. We can see that both these legalistic ethical systems involve and cause us to feel guilt.

In other words, both are based on judgment.

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A third form of Western ethics is the modern Buddhism prostitution one. This is based Buddhism prostitution the principle of not causing harm to others. Whatever we do is okay, so long as we do not cause harm. Usually, we mix humanistic and legalistic ethics together, so that if we hurt someone, we feel very bad and guilty about that. Buddhist ethics is completely different from all three.

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It is not based on obeying laws. Nor is it based on merely trying to avoid hurting others, although of course we try our best not to cause harm.

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