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How to do a sexy lap dance

Porn Galleries How to do a sexy lap dance.
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You want to shimmy out of your skirt and top. Bring a chair into the bedroom for your man to sit down on.

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If you want to amp up the sexiness, handcuff him to that chair. If you have a dimmer switch, lower the lights.

When you reach him, grab his knees and thrust his legs apart, so you can stand in the center of them. Then take your bra off in the same seductively slow way.

Grab your tits with your hands and start massaging them. Touch them in all the ways he wishes he was touching them. Now is the perfect time to straddle him, so you can grind up against his cock while sticking your breasts in his face.

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Make sure your nipples get close enough to tease him, but not close enough to actually touch him. Try nibbling on his earlobe or kissing his neck.

Make him as hard as you can with as few movements as you can. You can even start to unbutton his shirt, so you can lick down his chest.

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Your ass should be facing him, but feel free to turn your head so you can watch his reaction and give him a sexy smile. Do whatever you know will turn him on the most.

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Instead of moving your hips, you could also try bouncing your butt up and down on top of him, grazing his dick each time. If you feel weird walking around completely naked, then you can hide lingerie beneath your top layer of clothing.

The point of the strip tease is to make him excited for sex, so you might as well unzip his jeans once the song ends.

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