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She said goodbye song

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Lyrics submitted by aniota. Log in now She said goodbye song tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. This Love is found on the album Songs About Jane. Maroon 5 — This Love. Lyrics submitted by aniota "This Love" as written by James B.

This Love song meanings. Add your thoughts 89 Comments. General Comment I think this Jane girl really screwed him up I love this album because it's honest. He loved this girl and she just used him for sex.

They had a connection, and you can tell in the way he writes all of these songs.

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Every other Maroon 5 album after this was never as good because they were writing to be famous. Not out of hurt or love. It's been 8 years, and my music diversity has grown immensely, but this still remains a favourite.

This song I feel like is one of the theme songs of the whole album. Whether or not it's over played or you don't like it because it's immoral, you gotta admit it's honest.

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My Interpretation It is my humble opinion that this song is about cocaine addiction. A wise man once told me She said goodbye song the album is called Songs About Jane; people call coke "girl" or "white girl", and Songs About Jane just means songs about a girl, right?

Now, the lyric analysis. I was so high I did not recognize The fire burning in her eyes The chaos that controlled my mind He says it straight up right here. He was so high that he didn't even realize that it was controlling his mind. He establishes right in the beginning lines that he is an addict.

Whispered goodbye She said goodbye song she got on a plane Never to return again But always in my heart The "she" he refers to is the cocaine. These lines describe him being forced into rehabilitation- the cocaine is being taken from him and he will never be able to use again, but he will always remember it and keep it in his heart.

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This love has taken its toll on me She said goodbye too many times before And her heart is breaking in front of me I have no choice cause I won't say goodbye anymore Here he is determined to overcome his addiction, but he struggles to recover because, well, he is dependent on the substance. He acknowledges that "this love" his addiction has taken a huge toll on him both physically and mentally.

He keeps trying to quit it "she says goodbye" but he keeps coming back to it and having to say goodbye over again. He now recognizes that he has no choice, he has to overcome this addiction and he is determined to not She said goodbye song to go through this again.

She Said Goodbye This song...

I tried my best to feed her appetite Keep her coming every night So hard to keep her satisfied Kept playing love like it was just a game Pretending to feel the same Then turn around and leave again This I believe is when the point of view shifts to the cocaine itself.

The "she" it speaks of is the struggling addict. Metaphorically, the cocaine is trying to feed the addict's appetite, the hunger and craving she has for the drug that keeps her coming every night because she just needs more and more. The addict is absolutely invested in this, but for the cocaine it's nothing but a game as it She said goodbye song and controls the user, pretending to make everything better but turning around and leaving during the comedown period.

I'll fix these broken things Repair your broken wings And make sure everything's alright My pressure on She said goodbye song hips Sinking my fingertips Into every inch of you Cause I know that's She said goodbye song you want me to do The cocaine offers a temporary fix, it'll fix everything that is going wrong in the addict's life and make it seem like anything is possible.

The descriptions of an intimate relationship metaphorically allude to the close relationship between user and drugs. The main theme throughout the song is the unstable relationship which, if you dig deeper, is a personification of the addiction. This "girlfriend" he describes is the cocaine and he keeps coming back to it even though he knows he needs to stop, but it just satisfies him like nothing else can.

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He documents his struggles with addiction and recovery in this song, touching on how good it makes him feel when he uses and how he is fighting to escape its control. Flag anushka on January 06, General Comment Same here. I danced around my room to it this morning.

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D I love ths way they sing the chorus. General Comment i loove this song.

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General Comment oh, it is so unfair that you guys can go to their concerts. I am stuck in Aust.

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General Comment Yeah, I agree. I live across the country not as bad, but nearly. So I'm pretty fucked unless the go on tour to my area. This has to be one of my She said goodbye song songs, this and Harder To Breath are the best to me. Pretty much I think that this song means that he's dating this girl who keeps getting in fights with him, breaking up and leaving him, then coming back with a broken heart and putting him in a bind.

And now he's finally gotten sick of it. Especially since he's had to wear himself down by keeping her happy. General Comment my friends asked me to look for these lyrics and i think this is a great song and i don't know the whole meaning but it is good.

General Comment lol yeah but this song i jazz its nice different from most pops i like it General She said goodbye song i think this is a pop song! General Comment I'd have to say that this song is about sex.

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