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What to do in the first stages of dating

Hot Nude gallery What to do in the first stages of dating.

Dating a new man can be nerve-racking. We all walk into the date nervous, not knowing what to expect, how to act, what to say and what not to say. Dating doesn't have to be such a difficult ordeal to go through, in fact when done right it can be very enjoyable providing you are seeing the right type of guy.

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Either way these 15 hacks will help you have a more enjoyable date and hopefully it will land you your prince charming. Women think that the more makeup they wear the better they will look, but actually this is just not at all true.

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Women like makeup, while men are not so keen about too much of it. A research article published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology revealed that men find women who wear less makeup more attractive.

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Everyone likes to feel important and that the world cares about us. Ask him questions about himself, about his childhood, his likes and dislikes and try and focus the attention on him instead of you.

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This will help him feel secure and eager to spend time with you. This way the conversation will be flowing and you wont have to deal with awkward silent moments.

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Men like women who eat! With the whole feminism movement going on, men are sensing that women just want the benefits of equality but are refusing to acknowledge other aspects, like equality when it comes to paying the check.

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So take out your wallet and offer to pay; if he says no then offer to at least pay the tip. These subjects are a huge romance killer and can quite often scare him away.

Focus the conversation on plans that you have for yourself and ask him what he wants out of life. But maybe you both have very important things in common and you share lots of interests, so look for these. They can give important clues for things that you can do and share together, strengthening the bond between you both.

Trying to make him jealous and acting flirty with other men is not the best way to go if you want to keep your date; it actually makes a woman look promiscuous, not sexy. Dragging him with you to see it is not going to help him fall in love with you.

Overexposure is not the best way to get positive male attention. Remember you are a lady after all and like a lady you should dress the part.

You are one of a kind and absolutely perfect. Let the man breath. Intensity can cause a man to freak out and walk away, because it makes a woman seem desperate and desperation is a sign of weakness. Sex later on will also help strengthen the relationship and forge tension that will drive him crazy for you.

Addressing sensitive subjects can create a time bomb that is left waiting to explode.

If you want to talk about serious issues that won't create problems then focus on something less problematic like global warming or the famines in Africa. Ready To Move In: Listen Up Little Monsters! Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

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