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I caught my bf on a dating website

XXX Video I caught my bf on a dating website.

People eventually get bored with anything. And he got bored of you physically. That way he won't be horny all the time and he will lose interest in looking for NSA relationship.

Yea it makes no sense to sign up for that, unless you are intending to cheat or to find someone else.

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As for the no strings thing it just means he is only after sex and doesn't have a care in the world for a relationship I think he has been just awful. This has never happened to me but it would devastate and hurt me very deeply. Like you, I would probably question if I did something wrong or what was amiss in the relationship.

However, if something is lacking or needs work then that's why partners are supposed to communicate.

Obviously he didn't bother to do that and just decided to go behind your back. I simply could not respect or trust the guy again.

I would terminate the relationship immediately. Why do guys do it? He might be excited by what he "can" get away with. He is thinking that the grass is greener elsewhere.

He might do this to get whatever he desires from another female- attention, flirtation, physical needs etc. However, he should be getting that from you! I had the same problem with my boyfriend but I never told him I knew about his account.

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I wrote down his screen name and made an account of my own. Then I started to send him messages and arrange fake dates for him.

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I never showed up to the dates, instead I would say from the fake account something along the lines of At this point I would break off communication. I think this worked pretty well to shatter his self-confidence and certainly made me feel better. I had to do this a couple times but after awhile he stopped using the dating site.

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You stayed with him? I dumped his arse. It has nothing to do with you, that speaks more about his character.

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If he was really unsatisfied with you he would communicate what he needs out of the relationship. I would confront his ass and then dump him.

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Temptation taking over was a good thing. It is very convenient temptation took over when it did otherwise you would be in the dark about your mans activities.

Oh god poor you. I had this happen to me one with one of my particularly loathsome exes. I got my own back on the arsehole. If he is looking elsewhere I suggest you play him at his own game and teach him a lesson he's not likely to forget. OK well I suggest you set up a few profiles on other sites especially gay dating ones, and ones for BBW's.

Also sign him up for tons of gay porn, scat porn and sex toy catalogues and get it delivered to his house especially if he still lives with his parents or a load of flatmates. If he wants to conduct grubby little affairs online and expect to get away with it then he's sorely mistaken. Caught your boyfriend on dating sites?

I would like to ask my fellow female how they would feel if they discovered their boyfriend of 6 months had just signed up to a dating site, and had upgraded to full membership by spending 79 pounds dollars for full access.

Guys, why would you do that? If you did it? What's going on in your heads? I discovered this because he forgot to log out of his e-mails and I know I shouldn't have, but temptation took over. I hadn't expected to find anything. And I'm totally shocked by this!

I want to know what's going on in his head!

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They are all filthy and they are all requestion "no strings" what does this mean? Its a dating site, but seems more geared to affairs. If you're single and want to meet someone to date or have fun with, where do you go? Why is it so hard to find dates now?

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When dating someone younger, what is your cutoff age? Why do people get jealous? Don't they realize that it's just hurting their S. Any monogamous people have experience in dating a polyamorous person here? Or being someone's "comet"? What Guys Said 2.

I wouldn't do that. Doesn't seem to make any sense whatsoever to me.