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The perfect date for a girl

18+ Galleries The perfect date for a girl.
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Open doors for her, and if you have a car, open that door as well. It shows her you respect her and will make her feel special. Let her choose the place, unless she doesn't want to.

In that case, have an idea ready as a backup. Try not to pick anything you really like- remember, it's about her. It does not have to be expensive, she wants to get to know you, it should not be about the wallet- but don't be a cheapskate either.

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Don't do anything where you will get sweaty or messy, it may take some of the fun out of it. You're going for style here- sorry guys, this includes all messy foods "oh man no ribs! Yes you are paying but whatever you shell out is worth it. Find out what she is interested in. This will keep the conversation going if you run out of things to say.

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For example, if she likes dancing, then maybe ask "So how is your dancing going? Only go as far as she wants to, don't force yourself on her- that's just wrong!

Plan a date around a...

If she just wants to hold hands then that's fine. Take it slow- even the players play the long game. What you don't get today she might give you tomorrow; respect her.

Compliment her, tell her she is beautiful - not sexy! Compliment her personality that never hurts but don't overdo it or you will lose all sincerity.