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Established gentlemen

Sexy Photo Established gentlemen.

Like lovers the world overa couple we'll call Kyle and Melissa were spending a lazy Saturday Established gentlemen local shops for something special for her.

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Very special, judging by the venue -- Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Kyle understood that meant they needed to go Established gentlemen. Fortunately, Melissa knew that her unambiguous taste for luxury was matched by Kyle's generosity.

His unusual generosity had a simple explanation. In fact, it was a crucial step in their courtship. Kyle met Melissa on a dating Web site called Established gentlemen Men," a forum for frank talk and candid transactions where men of means are matched with stunning, young -- and oftentimes penniless -- women.

Melissa, 23, is an out-of-work actress. She could be described as Established gentlemen Sugar Baby.

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Kyle, 42, Established gentlemen a divorced television producer who makes around half a million dollars a year. He's the Sugar Daddy. Melissa's arrangement with Kyle, with the ambiguous balance of money and sex it entails, is part of a growing online dating trend. Some call it practical. Others compare it with prostitution. ABC News asked Kyle if he ever thought about whether Melissa might not find him attractive, without his money.

But on the Established gentlemen hand, what if I was her? And Established gentlemen wasn't as beautiful as she was? Would a guy like me be interested in her? After dropping out of college, Dadoun-Cohen, a Canadian, became a stripper to pay the bills.

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Dadoun-Cohen Established gentlemen she learned there were plenty of generous men willing to reach into their wallets for beautiful women, including a patron who has since become her husband. Having lived the lifestyle, Dadoun-Cohen decided to pass it on and -- eureka! And this is where I think your male viewers might want to turn up the volume. We actually have a four-to-one ratio on our Established gentlemen site.

So that is four gorgeous women to every one established man. As the two made their way through the gourmet medley, talk turned to the way they met.

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Kyle rejected the link between sex and money on sites like Established Men as prostitution. He and Melissa, he said, hadn't taken long to establish an intimate relationship. Psychologist Brigitte Lank specializes in sexual relationships and sex addiction.

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She says the underlying purpose of Established Men is Established gentlemen clear, and it has nothing to do with long-term intimacy. But any type of Established gentlemen, any type of bartering, is essentially sex for money. Lank said that treating sex as a commodity does not mean paying for intimacy, however -- in fact, it's the opposite. They are paying to not experience the close emotional attachments to these people.

Like Kyle, Dadoun-Cohen dismisses any comparison between the transactions at Established Men and prostitution.

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Some listings on the site, however, look very much like solicitation. I will leave you wanting more," said one recent post. And then another one: I am looking Established gentlemen a man with money who wants to have great sex with no drama. I am not Established gentlemen pimp. Melissa said she feels her needs are currently catered to, but she said she knows she's in a precarious position.

Wouldn't it make more sense for her to have three or four relationships with established men, just in case one of them drops out? I could have multiple relationships and that would be considered security in the lifestyle I like to lead. I actually hadn't really thought about, you know, having multiples, um, kind of don't know how to answer that question. I am a little, I am now considering it Melissa hastily added that if she eventually finds "the one," it won't matter whether he's "financially Established gentlemen.

I think it'sto be honest with you. Back at the restaurant, Melissa's fabulous purchases are dominating the discussion.

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I'm sure that, you know, we're going to Vegas in a few weeks, and, you know, she might buy me a couple things. Like really, it's a give-and-take with us, and I don't really see what the problem is. I don't see it as prostitution whatsoever. Watch the story tonight on "Nightline" at I thought I'd step it up a notch. I like, keep touching Established gentlemen. Reluctantly, Kyle motioned to What we know about Matthew Whitaker, man who replaces Jeff Sessions.