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How long should my online dating profile be

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On dating sites, should my profile be long or short? February 7, 8: One thing that annoys me on dating sites is profiles that are very short - just lines or so.

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I'd like to know a bit about potential matches yes, I'm picky! But I'm wondering if having too long a profile is a turn-off to women. I'm a guy in his late twenties who totally believes in honesty, and my profile on a couple of sites is about words long.

This is so I don't accidentally end up with people who won't fit I'm an atheist libertarian among other things.

Is my profile too long? Should I keep some "mystery" back? Am I not getting any contacts because women might be falling asleep by the time they finish reading? Please share your thoughts and experiences. I would keep it pithy. A three-liner is How long should my online dating profile be short, but a really long essay would make it look like you're trying too hard. You should keep in mind the ratio of men to women on these sites. When I was using internet personals, I very rarely had any responses to my profiles at all.

Your profile is still important, because they will refer to it if they are intrigued by your email I had a fair amount of success by responding to about 50 profiles, hearing back from 8 of them, and maybe ending up meeting 2 or 3 for coffee.

I am now married to a wonderful girl I met on match. Agree with skwm and agropyron. Would you go into a bar, and launch into a ten minute monologue to try to impress a woman? No, because that would be scary. You use one witty line, and work on having a conversation.

Shorter is better says the twenty-something woman who uses dating websites. You mean you don't want to date people who aren't atheist libertarians?


There's believing in honesty, and then there's playing the dating site system to your best advantage. In this regard I think it's worthwhile applying to dating a cardgames metaphor - which is not to give away your entire hand away at once.

Definitely keep some mystery back, because it gives your dates something to be excited about when they meet you. What will they discover next? There must be a way of describing yourself positively and dropping all the right cultural references in less than words. Be hard on yourself and edit words out. I would say that if you're looking for a literate, erudite person then they are not going to have a problem with a decent amount of prose.

It's more that you don't want to give an impression of being arrogant or self-obsessed. Incidentally, I'd say give people a chance.

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You don't want to scare off people who may turn out to be perfect, if only you'd given them time to come out of their shell. The dating site makes it awfully easy to exclude people on the basis of trivial things, but there's no chemistry on a website.