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Giving girls multiple orgasms

Sexy Photo Giving girls multiple orgasms.

This guy is always going to be on his girl's mind and Giving girls multiple orgasms will enjoy some nice benefits that a guy who CAN'T give multiple orgasms will never experience: They are pretty awesome - let's talk about a few: When you see a woman always nagging her man it is because he just isn't getting it DONE in the bedroom Getting it done in the bedroom can mean different things to different women but one thing is certain.

All women LOVE multiple orgasms from the rare guy that can give it to them! If you aren't sure if you are giving your girl multiple orgasms or think you MIGHT be you are really going to want to check out these step-by- step directions.

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If you're not sure or she can come in a few different positions get her in the one Giving girls multiple orgasms which you can thrust the longest and hardest without cumming or getting tired: EVEN if she is really sensitive. You may have to just wait inside her while she comes down a little bit but don't pull out and do NOT cum yourself: Tell her use these words if you want. If she says she is too sensivite go slow at first but start thrusting again for sure.


Don't worry the "too sensitive, and too aroused" is only in her head, she can come a lot MORE. Talk to her by saying. Just keep doing what drove her over the edge the first time.

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She may think she can only come once Giving girls multiple orgasms that it is too intense if she were to come over and over again. When in fact that continuous orgasm where she loses count of how many she has and comes over and over is VERY possible When you tell her to come, speak to her in a way that relaxes her. Don't say anything as a command until she has done it a few times on separate sessions.

You can use this very simple technique to make her come over and over. A LOT of stamina.