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These are all pretty good descriptions of what very milk-engorged breasts look like. But what do they feel like?

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And how long does it last? And does it happen to everyone? During pregnancy your breasts get tender and achy.

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In fact, this is one of the very first signs of pregnancy. Around the time of birth, your body starts to produce a pre-milk substance called colostrum.

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Milk comes in within the first five days after birth. If you do get engorged, it can range from uncomfortable to downright agonizing.

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The Pornstar with sensitive boobs ducts are suddenly loaded with milk and the breasts tend to look as I described above: If you have a painful engorgement period, try placing frozen cabbage leaves over the swollen breasts.

You can also take ibuprofen and warm showers and use very soft, stretchy bras no under-wires.

Also, no matter what is going on with your milk, drink lots and lots of water. Your body is making and getting rid of fluids so often you need continual replenishment.

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Most women are somewhere in the middle. And keep an eye on possible repercussions such as plugged ducts smaller, swollen, and very sore areas of the breastwhich can lead to an infection known as mastitis.

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Sometimes a small amount of massaging milk out and hand-expressing or pumping is necessary for women with severe engorgement. Letting a little milk out before a feeding can soften the breasts enough for the baby to get a good latch onto the areola. If your boobs are rock hard, the nipples flatten out, and the baby can have a hard time getting a hold.

Now keep in mind that the initial period of engorgement typically lasts Pornstar with sensitive boobs few days and then settles, so really, though you may want to get some reassurance, this period of intense engorgement is normal and temporary.

No matter what level of engorgement you experience, the more frequently you feed the baby, the better. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest. What do you think?

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