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Fetlife advanced search

New xXx Pics Fetlife advanced search.

Myths and misconceptions Help, Politics of bonking , Technology. Excluding profiles with no friends makes it easy to weed out sock puppets. This is virtuous the tip of the iceberg, all the same. If you do have an score on FetLife, but, you can well-founded install this way directly into the site. Simply keep abreast of these instructions.

To be sure is, this was all made doable because FetLife has a financial enticement to erode operator privacy, to guard that it is very poor. Thanks for the insecurity, FetLife. This web site is my difficulty. If it moves you, please assist me keep doing this Work nigh sharing some of your food Strict, shelter , or money.

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Fetlife is owned and found by John Baku in Keep it public and on point. Comments or posts that are unmannerly, troll-like, or refresh harassment of others including witch-hunts of any kind are not allowed. Memes, image macros, petitions are not allowed as posts.

Blogspam, URL shorteners such as tinyurl or bit. OldSearchTool As an example. Notwithstanding none seem to work with uncountable people complaining.


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The existence of this site and similar tools expose an gargantuan and unspoken risk to prospects of the network, who calculate on the illusion of agreement created by the need to log in before they can access any content. The representative maymay created in the summer of accessed FetLife and made the profiles of public individuals in the BDSM community within reach to people outside the network.

Because this was an activism project, maymay widely publicized what they were doing; unfortunately, FetLife refused to face the underlying issue, choosing instead to runabout a campaign accusing maymay of hacking the site and endangering its users. Despite the particulars that FetLife has had two years to quietly address that, the existence of FetLifeSearcher.

FetLife remains unsafe, easily accessible and possibly indexable. Unfortunately for consumers, its founder and administrators are far more concerned with maintaining the illusion of safety than being transparent about potential issues that people on the location may face after being exposed. On this page, buried call of all kinds of other factors, FetLife states:. Please be posted that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable.

We cannot control the actions of other users with whom you quota your information. We cannot effect that information you share on FetLife will not become publicly available. You can reduce these risks by using common perceive security practices such as choosing a strong password, using distant passwords for different services, and using up to date antivirus software.

Fetlife advanced search
  • The FetLife Age/Sex/Location Search user script allows you to search for profiles .. Useful for combining FetLife's search-by-username with the more advanced. FetLife ASL Search (Extened Edition). Allows you to search for FetLife profiles based on age, sex, location, and role. These are versions of this script where the .
  • FetLife ASL Search (Extened Edition) - Stats
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As you know for 8 years the most requested feature on FET has been adding a simple search. If only more people understood that this model is only as good as the willingness of those with an account to be decent to one another. If it moves you, please help me keep doing this Work by sharing some of your food , shelter , or money.

This article originally stated that FetLifeSearcher did not redirect users to profiles. Here is one of the old tools that let you search FET. Since you are such an involved member of the community and on FET and you care so much, I literally want to pay my own money to protect you.

Blogspam, URL shorteners such as tinyurl or bit.

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Do all guys check out and dream of being with other women? FetLife ASL Search (Extened Edition). Allows you to search for FetLife profiles based on age, sex, location, and role. Daily installs. Weekly installs. Daily update . And it's all because we don't make it as easy to find them without some commonality. Obviously that's just one example of why we do what we do, but I hope you..

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