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Emotionally unstable wife

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So many things can make...

User Name Remember Me? My wife and I have been together 10 years, we met in college and got married 5 years ago. I do dishes, cook on weekends, and on Saturdays and Sundays we almost always go out with 3 of us to do things together.

I have an active social life and think most other people, including my family, would characterize me as one of the most calm, grounded and loyal people they know.

She was raised in an abusive home, as an only child with parents who beat her and were constantly yelling at her and each other, scissors flying through the air and beatings being dished out, you Emotionally unstable wife the idea. Father passed away some years back but her mother is simultaneously one of the vilest, emotionally manipulative and yet Emotionally unstable wife sweetest people you can come across, much like my wife herself but more extreme.

To outsiders MIL will be extremely sweet, but when you get home she starts barking abuse at whoever will hear it.

We have little to talk about as a starting point, and that is exacerbated by the fact that her mood swings have gradually closed me down towards her.

How can you recognize an...

Her mood swings have gotten worse as the years Emotionally unstable wife by. My wife, like her mother she can be the sweetest thing you ever came across if you only meet her briefly at a social event. She talks Emotionally unstable wife me in an aggressive tone, picks fights for no reason, and when she finally has pressed my buttons repeatedly and I still calmly tell her to just leave me alone, she will really freak out.

I feel at the other end of a sustained emotional attack and often feel at breaking point.

Relationships are taxing and require...

She can can start a fight with people walking too slowly in the street, or Emotionally unstable wife confrontational with a person Emotionally unstable wife public transport out of nowhere. She has sowed distrust between me and my family. She comes from a family full of fights and she projects that on my own. She once sent my mother an email with complaints about things that I had told my wife about my relationship with them in the most intimate moments, and she decided to pick a fight with my mother about it.

I was mortified about the breach of trust and things with my family have been worse since.

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Whenever we go Emotionally unstable wife a major change in life, whether that is moving or me starting a new job, or even when we are just going out to an Emotionally unstable wife or heading to the airport to go on holiday, at the moment that I most need her to be a calm person to rely on, she never is and she creates the biggest fights. Forcing me to pacify her and give in to whatever she demands.

Those moments are the worst and have scarred me, making me feel like I can never count on her when I need to. Finally, she frequently threatens me with divorce. She is well aware that this is my biggest nightmare as it would mean admitting failure in the relationship which I probably should have admitted years ago but alas.

So let's put all the...

During her bad moments she accuses me of being a bad husband, a bad father for anything where we disagree. I love her and think she is a good mother, but the emotional rollercoaster is getting too much for me.

I feel like I am Emotionally unstable wife on eggshells to keep the peace. I think many men would have quit years ago if they were in my shoes, and if I were a little bit less stoic myself this would have been a fighting and shouting marriage.

A while back she did the threatening divorce thing again Emotionally unstable wife I decided to step into the ring and say: That terrified her, and since then she has been really struggling and trying her best to keep things good between us. Whereas for her this was probably a game of emotional control as she knew I desperately did not want my marriage to fail and knew to fall back when she did that, I am now really in that place.

I fear for my marriage and my daughter who does not deserve to suffer because of my own poor choice for a spouse. For 10 years I have not even looked or thought about another woman, but at the darkest moment in my marriage she had to show up. She knows I am married, as I mention my wife and daughter.

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She has never made an inappropriate pass or comment, and neither have I. She is making an active effort to avoid me and seems pained by the whole thing, as am I.

But we run into each other around office and have small chat, and you know how they say sparks fly? We are just frozen when we see each other, super awkward and not in an inappropriate flirting kind of way.

While I am realistic enough not too dwell on that colleague too much, it does make me realize that if we indeed wanted to divorce, I could make a new Emotionally unstable wife and would probably not have any trouble finding some one new. It is certainly not helping me find the energy to repair my marriage. But should I still want to repair my marriage? Share Share this post on Digg Del. Originally Posted by MarriageTroubles. I think you are going to have to pick a time to have a big pow wow with your wife and insist counseling.

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