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Please join us 5: Can the on-orbit regulatory gap be filled? Can launch regulations be revised to account for increased launches and reusable launch vehicles? The Great Mining Debate — Is there really any problem with space mining and property rights in extracted resources?

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Panel 2 — Cybersecurity Threat to Satellites: What are the appropriate policy and legal responses? What role for information sharing? What role for insurance? What steps can be taken to enhance rules of the road? What military actions in space could violate the U.

Charter or the Outer Space Treaty? How does the Law of Armed Conflict apply in Space? Press is welcome at this event and there is a presumption that statements are on the record, however please be aware that in the past some speakers have requested to speak off the record.

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General Counsel for International Law Panelist 3: Professor Frans von der Dunk, Univ. Professor Jack Beard, Univ. This free conference would not be possible without the help of our Administrative Assistant Bambi King in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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An additional thank you to J. Space Law Conference Oct. Additionally, some technology changes such as commoditization of satellites and lower launch costs could impact business models involving other new technologies, such as on-orbit satellite servicing, although market segmentation could also result.

In addition to satellite technology advancements, many other new space technologies and business models potentially will be coming online in the near future, including those for new launch systems and asteroid mining.

These developments raise numerous issues for space traffic management, surveillance and tracking, orbital debris, spectrum sharing and interference, on-orbit or in-space regulation of space activities by governments, and national licensing standards of remote sensing systems. Broader questions of what role government versus the private sector should play as well as what changes, if any, will be needed to US commercial space regulation, and international soft-law, to address these potential new Milton harris at asian dating space station arise as well.

November 3, National Press Club 14th St. Currently, the FAA only has express regulatory authority to license launches and re-entries but not on-orbit or in-space activities. While some have argued FAA or other federal agencies have implied or inherent authority to so regulate, agencies are unlikely to act based on these types of arguments, rather awaiting express authority from Congress. Many new space activities are on the near horizon, including commercial human space flight, asteroid mining, lunar and orbital private research labs and hotels, and on-orbit servicing of satellites.

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