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4 year hookup anniversary gifts for him

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Millennials aren't like everyone one else. You do things on your own time. You leave jobs when you aren't happy. You celebrate like no generation before do it for the 'gram!

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What to buy with your tax return money. Just look at the statistics. Currently, about 27 percent of millennial couples are married, compared to 36 percent of Generation Xers, 48 percent of Baby Boomers, and 65 percent of Traditionalists when they were the same age.

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And even though most millennials haven't walked down the aisle just yet, 86 percent say that you plan on doing so one day.

You don't have to be married to partake in these gift ideas. Anyone who's partnered can play along.

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Traditions aren't really your thing. The same logic should be applied to anniversary gifts. As the tradition goes, the first anniversary calls for paper gifts, the second for cotton, the third for leather, the fourth for linen or silk, and the fifth for wood — but those are pretty basic. So we're here to help you put a 21st-century spin on it. Keep this list of products, suggestions, and services nearby to help make traditional anniversary gifts more fun.

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If you know anything about millennials, it's that you prioritize adventures and experiences over just buying random stuff. Tickets to anywhere, whether it be plane tickets or concert ticketsare a great first anniversary gift as you and your spouse continue to build memories.

Doesn't really matter where you go, just get out and do something fun. Pics or it didn't happen. Search for concerts and more on TicketMaster See Details. It's uncanny how much couples start to become alike by the second year.

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You steal each other's phrases, probably pick up each other's mannerisms, and even start to dress alike. How funny would it be for you to take it to the next level and buy yourselves matching underwear? 4 year hookup anniversary gifts for him specializes in that sorta thingallowing you to match your bottom half with your better half.

At this point, its been three years since your honeymoon, so you should probably plan another vacation. But if you're too busy to take a week off, consider taking a weekend trip to someplace fun.

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This overnight leather duffle bag is handmade and comes in both brown and black. If you don't have time for the trip consider sprucing up your place instead. Adding a touch of leather or suede can enhance any living space. Maybe you get a new cowhide rug for the living room, or a suede throw pillow or two for the couch. There is conflicting data about just how much sleep millennials get each night, but the general consensus is that you get more sleep on average than older generations.

That can probably be attributed to your obsession with a healthy work-life balance.

These products will help you stay comfy during those Netflix and chill sessions and may even contribute to better sleep. Not enough people realize the role pajamas can play in getting a good night's sleep. If your PJs are too insulating, it takes longer to fall asleep, and you end up tossing and turning all night. The solution is silk pajamas.

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Silk is a natural protein fiber that can keep you just warm enough in the winter and just cool enough in the summer. Shop all silk pajamas on Amazon See Details.

The best pillowcases are silk pillowcases. Silk can help your skin stay smooth and your hair stay hydrated while you sleep. These by Slip have even been said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Wood you pass the wine?

Red wine and wood have a long history. Grapes get fermented and when they meet oak, the magic happens.

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