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So, why is girl code so important in the first place? According to Jessica Rozler, co-author of Friend or Frenemy? And yes—all of us need reminders from time to time. With this guide, collegiettes can get on the same page so we can all avoid the tears and drama we tend to cause one another.

Get ready for the real girl code! Regardless of their answers, 60 percent of the surveyed collegiettes emphasized talking with your friend before starting any sort of relationship with her ex.

Putting it off could ruin the friendship. The best scenario is to eliminate that possibility completely, but if you really feel strongly about him, talk to your friend first.

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You never want to make your bestie feel uncomfortable or hurt by your decision. What if the roles are reversed and your bestie has fallen for your ex?

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Do you prohibit your friend from dating him or give her your blessing? That being said, be honest with your friend and yourself about your feelings toward your ex. But don't act like it's all going to be okay unless you are actually okay with it.

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Give your friend props for talking to you first and have an honest conversation with her. At the end of day, you both just want each other to be happy.

Don't Badmouth The Ex To...

Things could become a little more complicated if the guy is clearly into one of you over the other, in which case, you should be honest with each other about it. Ultimately, no guy is worth ruining a friendship over percent of the surveyed collegiettes agreed on that! Even though it will probably break her heart, 89 percent of surveyed collegiettes say that you should tell her immediately—no exceptions.

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But if he doesn't follow through, tell her. You would want to know if you were in her shoes. However she decides to handle the situation is her choice, but she will appreciate the fact that you have her back!

Learn when you can and...

Even though our mothers told us that we should never tell a lie, we find ourselves harmlessly fibbing to our friends from time to time.

Forty-seven percent also specifically say you should never lie to a friend about important stuff.

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