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Jessica alba bikini ass pose

XXX Photo Jessica alba bikini ass pose.

Bikini Treat of the Day: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. It might have widened with her last pregnancy, which is unfortunate. Not a fan of the bikini. She has never had a defined waist i just checked her bikini pics… she only somehow gets one wearing actual clothes. She is someone who is not naturally super thin or curvy- but she works hard to look amazing especially after 2 kids and obviously does it the healthy way.

Judging by the scar she has on her stomach he had like many celeb moms a tummy tuck this is not what I call fair game. I am pretty sure that is a c section scar, not from a Jessica alba bikini ass pose tuck. I Jessica alba bikini ass pose a three year old son, and my scar looks just like hers.

Jessica has always claimed she had Honor by natural child birth, but maybe Haven was born via c-section? Anyways, she could be one of the many celebs who combine c-section and tummy tuck. But is that stripe on her stomach a cesarean section scar? Thought they were always much lower. She may have gotten some work done. See my answer above: Ale Ambrosio also had one after her second child it was noticeable on her recent candid bikini pictures. There is no tummy at all and she clearly does nt have a defined waist.

Seems pretty emaciated to me. I always though she was curvy? Maybe her body change shape after pregnancy? Still a pretty lady though! I see muscles, bones and skin. She has no weight to lose in her midsection. Her midsection is wider because her ribcage is probably wider after pregnancy. There is nothing she can do about it.

She has no excess fat there. Her waist width is just an illusion due to narrow hips.

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There is no fat to spare. Her hips look weird esp.

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This woman has had 2 children and she Jessica alba bikini ass pose in fabulous shape. Toned stomach,nice legs,perfect ass. I am like reading these comments with my mouth wide open!

Without making any accusations at anyone in particular, I think if everyones comment was published with a full body photo of the commentor there wouldnt be such harsh talk. To me Jessica alba is just perfect, for the commentor above who thinks she needs to lose weight on her stomach, obviously is looking at barbies too much or other photoshopped pictures where there is a huge dent at the waist, which isnt the norm for most woman.

Jessica looks fab, crazy fab body!

They would be happy with themselves and not trying to put other peoples bodies down to feel better. Natalia, this makes no sense. Maybe by your standards, you prefer leaner bodies, i. Natalia, will you please post a picture of yourself? I want to see what someone with no excess body fat looks like. I cannot imagine your butt. I said if peoples pictures were out on display their opinions would be nicer, I Jessica alba bikini ass pose certain. At the moment everyone is behind a brick wall…if everyone was in a glass house, surely not so many stones would be thrown.

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You have no idea what any of us look like. Not sure why she and many other celebrities out there a re considered curvy, but i see why people like her: She is in amazing shape, especially for having two kids. She is straighter than I thought, always thought she was curvier. She knows how to dress and pose to look that way, I guess. She is in great shape, a bit too thin, but still stunning as usual!

But, answer me, if you accuse me. Beauty is objective, and subjective. I never said Jessica or anybody else was fat, I said that parts of their bodies either are a little fat, or they have excess fat, to some degree. It is not yours. Yes most ppl like some curve, but there are hf models that do have have curves. I Jessica alba bikini ass pose Doutzen Kroes is one of the most beautiful people on this planet!

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Would I love to look like her? Well, I think HF models are the best, deal with it, so do alot of ppl, are we all crazy?

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I for one have eaten more and more and never gained weight, not until I literally ate almost 4, calories a day. Some pple can whether pregnant or not, just eat more andnot gain. Then just say so!

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Evolutionary psychology basically studies innate biological behavior, including things like objective beauty preferences. So they should all work the same way.

Hello, yeah, I mean actully. Poly, fit your quote, — General good health clear skin, good hair and nailssize body, facial symmetry, average sized facial features with average distribution and younger age are some.

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So basically objective beauty only partially influences what people think are beautiful, and therefore, generally speaking, beauty is very subjective…even if objective elements may exist. But again, you are arguing objectivity for the sake of arguing objectivity. Oh no problem, I appreciate good debates. But like I said, I originally only replied because this is a subject I am very passionate in.

I saw a slight misuse of one of its findings and wanted to clarify, not just for you but for anyone else reading.

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I always try to do that when I see similar things which sadly, is quite common. This is a subject I am planning on getting my PhD in, so I would like it to be properly represented in common knowledge because then people take it more seriously. Casey, you are completely on point and, Natalia, yes, that is my opinion, just like the fact that beauty is objective is yours.

As a lawyer in training, I did not bash you for critiquing my point, instead Jessica alba bikini ass pose acknowledged the validity that you are entitled to your views. Did it ever occur to you that I happen to like long legs, slim bodies, great bone structure and unique rather than common faces — and that is WHY I like HF models?