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Are hickeys on your breast bad

Hot Nude Are hickeys on your breast bad.

Today, my boyfriend gave me a hickey on my breast. To be fair I decided to give him a hickey on his chest. He was so worried about catching shit from the guys on his swim team that he dislocated my jaw Are hickeys on your breast bad to get me off him. Why would he be worried about his swim team finding out hes getting his willy wet? This sounds kind of fishy and makes me wonder if there's another girl he's worried about.

I forget about the people on this app, and how they can't tell accidents from abuse. I don't blame him if he is on a swim team. I used to swim. Happened to me once before a meet. Teammates gave me a ton of shit and my coach got pretty pissed for some reason. Too many negative votes, comment buried.

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Show the comment deserves better? She is not smart enough to realize it's not his swim team he doesn't want seeing the hickey, It's the other girlfriend. YDI- Off, pure idiot principal. Way to jump to conclusionsI sincerely doubt that's the case.

While I'd often agree with you on that, this dude dislocated her jaw. That is a big deal. She should break up with him. I don't care that it was an accident.

That he pushed or hit her with enough force to dislocate her jaw is inexcusable. It was excessive, unnecessary,and he should be held accountable for it. Show the comment Very insensitive if him. One my ex's had a little "problem" with sucking on my neck, and the hickey would look more like a giant bruise 3 inches long, 3 inches wide. I sported that shit like a battle scar, haha. If your boyfriend gives hickeys, he better be ready Are hickeys on your breast bad deal with one on his own body as well.

Fuck, it wasn't even noticeable unless he had his shirt off. Hickeys aren't very flattering and I don't like walking around with them myself. I hope you won't get all paranoid now, OP.

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Most guys walk around showing off their hickeys Especially if it's in a locker room full of other guys. Most guys only hide hickeys from their moms or from their "other girlfriend. How about the fact that in order to cause any damage at all OP would have to be latched on tighter than a tick refusing to let go. That level of force necessary to mark her territory speaks only of her abusive and controlling nature. I know exactly where you're coming from.

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Maybe in high school and earlier guys show off their hickeys, but once you grow up you realize it's a pretty stupid thing to walk around gloating about. He probably should've used words instead of pushing her away, but I can see why he wouldn't want one.

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How is it fair though, for him to give her a hickey but not to allow her to give him a hickey? He shouldn't have given her one in the first place if he was going to freak out at the idea of getting one himself.

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Because for me in college football and baseball and now in rugby as an adult dudes still show off their love bites. Im talking 43 year old men who are happily married coming in being like "yeah me and wifey had a great one this weekend!! You can try to hide hickeys from your teammates but it's much better to embrace it, show it off, and ask why they don't have any. Well at 43 it's so rare that you're getting any, of course you're going to show it off!

Haha idk man maybe it's just the relationship me and my friends have but none of us go around bragging about a hickey. If we get laid, yea. Hickeys are immature and people often judge you for having them.

I was tempted to answer...

I have a strict no hickeys around the neck rule because I'll get in trouble at work, and I once gave my boyfriend three or four on his neck he reaaaaaally enjoys them and he got a ton of not necessarily bad crap from his own coworkers, friends, family, etc.

It may just be because it looks unprofessional, though I think that if anything his swim team buddies would be more like the type to be happy that he's getting some. Hopefully it's just because he may have had a bad experience in the past such as being ridiculed for it and not it being another girl. I am curious how one would give a guy a hickey on his chest unless there is substantial meat there.

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My boyfriend is skinny and I have difficulty even getting a good grip on his neck. I'll have to try it out sometime. P But he and I have a mutual understanding that visible hickeys are bad, despite us both being teens and me still being in high school he's only a year Are hickeys on your breast bad of me, don't worry.

No women should try to force a guy to submit to something he doesn't want so that he has to struggle to get away. Your body is your own. If you enjoy it, get it. People need to mind their own damn business.

Her abusive and controlling nature? He already marked her, and does not wish to be marked himself it sounds more like Are hickeys on your breast bad is the controlling one especially considering he caused an unwarranted amount physical harm to his girlfriend when a simple stop would have sufficed. Showing it off is like "hey look at me and my hickey! If anything a hickey being spotted like others have said, means he is most likely getting some action. I'd be embarrassed if I had one and everyone could see it.

It doesn't say he hit her. I do not think he would hit her, especially over something like that. He probably just pulled her off. Don't jump to conclusions or accusations.

Unless she comes at him with a knife, a gun As far as i'm concerned 'if you can't take it don't dish it out' applies in more than one context. If i'm gonna go as far as to hit a guy I damn well better accept that he's within rights to retaliate, whether or not he would.

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Categorizing 'abuse' should go both ways. If I hit my boyfriend for any reason other than him endangering my kids or myself, then I sure as hell would be expecting him to hit me back. If a girl is beating up a guy, is he expected to just stand there and take it? I think no one should hit anyone. Or anyone can hit anyone. And on dates I always offer to pay my own way.

I don't like girls expecting to be paid for. If he's a swimmer he's probably strong. Haven't you seen how broad their shoulders are and how strong their arms look!? In my opinion, either split the bill or the person who asks the other out pays for the date.

And fun fact, men paying because tradition cause women weren't allowed to have wallets. Not common courtesy or chivalry. So that's not an excuse anymore: Well I'm pretty sure there is another reason for him not wanting they hickey ,I hope you're feeling better now: Today, while making a move in a board game that helped my boyfriend win, he got all excited and said "I love you, babe.

Today, my parents thought it would be appropriate to tell my girlfriend that I used to stick my penis in a sock puppet and talk to it when I was younger Today, my boyfriend broke up with me after I drove two hours to his house, because he wanted to do it face to face.

Then told me that if I wanted, we could Today, Are hickeys on your breast bad live-in girlfriend broke up with me in a rage.

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