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CNN Here's a pair of twins no one will have trouble telling apart: One is white, and one is black. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media.

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Lucy Aylmer, left, and Maria Aylmer are twins, despite their radically different appearance. Story highlights UK twins, one white and one black, have had to fight to prove they're sisters "My family is beautiful," one sister posts on Redhead black girl.

Thanks to a rare quirk of nature, Lucy is the alabaster-skinned redhead, and Maria has their part-Jamaican mother's dark skin and hair.

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Images of the Aylmer sisters of Gloucester, United Kingdom, rocketed around the Internet this week when a British newspaper carried their story.

This is all so amazing," Lucy Aylmer posted on Facebook.

Post by Good Morning Britain. The girls were born to a white father and a biracial mom inaccording to the Daily Mail story that started all the fuss.

UK twins, one white and...

Appearing Tuesday on "Good Morning Britain," the sisters said they're always facing doubters who can't believe they are related, much less twin sisters.

Post by Maria Aylmer.

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Maria said they've been told the chances of such an occurrence are "one in a million. The BBC, reporting on a similar case insaid it was more like 1 in No matter the odds, the sisters say they're happy with how they look. Elon Musk's power is being reduced.

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