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Bottom good spank

Adult Videos Bottom good spank.

This is a community for all people who are interested in bare bottom spanking as practiced between consenting adults.

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Absolutely no discussion about minors, please! For the rest, anything spanking related is more than welcome. Related punishments like corner time and such are also welcome.

Everything between consenting adults, but that should be obvious. Daddy was not happy with my behaviour. Daddy agrees im right here next time cherry red cheeks.

I am sure she will appreciate it. Paddle and corner time for naughty wife. Has your wife been behaving lately.

Joe Thomas: +john brihm good...

Or has she had her bottom soundly peddled to a burning bonfire red. Taken to Steve cornertime.

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I recently turned 18 in early August and ever since about 9 years old Bottom good spank felt like an adult. Always wished I could get domestic spankings, but I was never bad, and I was also born right after the spanking of children became frowned upon.

Pity you live so far away I would have taken you under my wing,kid It's a pity you live far away. I'd give you a hug.

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Hey heck you will find other kind people still,you have a long life in front of Bottom good spank go and enjoy it and always be yourself Im from melbourne area and just wondering if there is anyone on here from around the same area, where do u go to meet like minded people around here or what internet sight do u use?

I live in Melbourne and have the same problem, don't know where to go, but we can talk, what are you into? I am also from Melbourne Camberwell.

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Although Daphne would never admit...

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