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How to make your girlfriend feel loved again

Good Video 18+ How to make your girlfriend feel loved again.

Every girl wants to feel like she's a special and unique treasure to her guy. How do you show her that she really is special to you?

Nothing impresses a woman more than a guy treating her as his princess. Balance out your compliments. Girls love compliments, and no wonder: They tell her that you really care, and they make her feel good about herself. Compliment her on both her looks and her personality, and she'll feel like she's the whole package in your eyes.

Try not to tell her she's "fit" or "hot," however, because that sounds plain and generic.

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Don't over-compliment a girl, either, because you might alarm her, or give the impression that you want something from her in return for your kindness. Tell her that she's "beautiful," "pretty," or "gorgeous" instead. These words are a lot more heartfelt, and they have a little extra emotion behind them.

Compliment aspects of her personality, too. Girls want to feel pretty on the outside and the inside. Sincere compliments about her personality let her understand that you like her for who she is deep down inside: Give her good, honestunique compliments. It's a good idea to have a few basic compliments to give your girl every once in a while, but it's also a good idea to take something totally unique How to make your girlfriend feel loved again her and let her know that you love it, or at least appreciate it.

Maybe you're mesmerized by her eyes. Tell her what her eyes remind you of: It puts me in such a great mood.

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Many women are naturally born to be motherly and nurturing; if you say something about her kindness or generosityit should hit home: I hope I can do the same for you. Show her unexpected affection. Giving a girl the right compliment when she expects it is great, but giving her the right compliment when it's unexpected is even better. When she's not expecting it, wrap your arm around her, squeeze her gently, kiss her cheek, neck, or forehead, and tell her something heartfelt about how she makes you feel.

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Look her in the eyes when you deliver the compliment. She'll melt like an ice-cube in an inferno. Tell her that she's your first priority and that you would do whatever it takes to keep her happy when she needs it.

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Don't just say it; be prepared to do it! Girls won't respect you if you say one thing and do another.

Send her text messages like or call her unexpectedly. This will let her know that she is on your mind. Spread it out so that each call or text is a heart-warming surprise, not so much that she comes to expect it.

Texts you can send her out of the blue: Go to fun places with her. Spend time with her at the park, come with her when she goes shopping, take her to the beach There are lots of places you can take her to make her feel comfortable and loved. Do fun and exciting things together. This has two benefits: First, it will show her that you want her to be involved in your life's journeys; second, the adventure will help you bond together by releasing a chemical called 'oxytocin' that's responsible for feelings of love [1].

Show that you care by taking part in the things that she loves doing. Going to see a chick flick, even if you think it will be boring, will tell her that you care about her needs, and not just your own. Even if you don't enjoy doing it, try to make it look like you're into it.

It's best to be honest that you do not enjoy the movie but you are still willing to watch it with her to show you will be there for her; she'll appreciate the effort and love you've shown her. If she wants to go clothes shopping, ask her if she would like to have you join her! If she lets you, help her find something to suit her best!

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Girls tend to have a hard time picking clothes to go with. Whether she's looking for a dress for fancy outings or nice weather, a swimsuit to go swimming in or for the beach, shorts or a skirt for casual wear, or anything else, assist her in finding something that you think fits her How to make your girlfriend feel loved again, whether it blends with other pieces or if it reminds her of something that she likes.

For example, "Of the dresses here, I think this yellow one fits you perfectly, because yellow is your favorite color and it goes along well with this sunhat. For that matter, even if you might not be wild about her wearing revealing clothing such as short shorts, skirts, or midriff baring tops, it's best you go along with it. This goes back to the bit on telling her that you care about what she wants. She might also like wearing them because she feels proud of her body and isn't afraid to show herself off.

Show her how proud you are to be with her in public.

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Do not save affection for only private moments; show the rest of the world how you feel about her. She'll feel like she makes you a lucky guy, which you are. Kiss her cheek or massage her hand when you are in public. Hold her close when introducing her to one of you friends. If she uses social media a lot, show your relationship publicly through social media. Post photos of the two of you, tag her at places, change your relationship status.

Show her you are publicly committed to the relationship and that you are proud to show her off. However, if she is a very private person, this may make her uncomfortable. Don't be afraid to introduce her as your girlfriend if she is.

She might be a little put off if you just introduce her using her name. If you haven't made it clear whether you two are boyfriend and girlfriend, stick to introducing her by name.

1. Give her the Love-Look

Don't let go of her hand when another boy or girl walks by. She'll think that you're embarrassed to be with her, or that you're trying to impress another girl. If How to make your girlfriend feel loved again holding hands, wait for a good moment to break contact. When another girl is around, make sure your girl feels as if she's the only one. For her birthday or your anniversarydo something nice for her in public. Get or bake a cake for her birthday, or give her a card for your anniversary.

Do one public thing for her and one private. Talk to her and explore her personality. Digging deeper and getting to know her likes and dislikes is a huge step in making her feel special. Lots of guys never bother to get really close to a girl because they're only interested in having a physical relationship.

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Don't be the guy who doesn't know very much about his girlfriend or forgets what she likes and dislikes. Ask her about her hobbies and find out what she's passionate about.

Show Her Worth

Everyone is passionate about something, even if it's buried deep down inside. Find out what she loves to do more than anything else.

How to Make Your Girlfriend...

Figure out what she likes about it. Try to understand it and be interested in it. Ask lots of questions. Ask her about her childhood, her parents and siblings, her goals, her fears and desires, along with her likes and dislikes. The more you know about her, the better you can comfort her when she's down, inspire her when she's stuck, or calm her when she's stressed. Don't tune her out. No matter what she has to say, listen, analyze with her, and offer an informed opinion if you have one.

If you don't have an opinion, you can tell her that, saying that you're there for her when she needs to think things through. On occasion, she may cause you to think What am I doing, this is crazy?! This is definitely not normal. Well, you're getting used to a new normal, and it's going to force you to How to make your girlfriend feel loved again patient.

She'll thank you for it.

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If she is late or forgets something, wait patiently for her. Try to be understanding.

How to Make Your Girlfriend...

Don't make her feel guilty, especially if the first word she says is "Sorry. Let her win the argument. Sometimes, it's best to just let her win the argument. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in, but learn when to back down and let her win.

You'll get more in the long run. Listen to her criticisms. No one wants to feel criticized, but you're going to have to compromise if you want to succeed in relationships. So take what she says to heart, try to change whatever is fixable, and show her that you're in it for the long run.

This guy kissing his girlfriend figured out how to make a girl feel special using these. Did you know, that doing something as simple as sending. Every girl wants to feel like she's a special and unique treasure to her guy. Girls love compliments, and no wonder: They tell her that you really care, and they make her feel good about herself.

Compliment her on both her looks and her personality, and she'll feel like she's the.

This guy kissing his girlfriend...

It's not difficult to make a woman feel special. In fact, it's usually the little things she appreciates most, because they let her know you truly care.

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