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Best few

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  • A good few definition: You use not a few when you are referring to quite a lot of things...
  • A groom and his three best men travel to the Australian outback for a wedding. Laura Brent, Xavier...
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The film stars Xavier Samuel as a young groom heading to the Australian Blue Mountains with his three most desirable men for his wedding. When David Locking Samuel proposes to his girlfriend Mia Ramme Brent a week after they meet in Tuvalu , he rounds up his three best allies Marshall, Bishop, and Draxl to convoy his wedding in Australia as a-one men. Havoc ensues as the three accidentally steal drugs, are chased at hand a mobster Le Marquand , and get the father-in-law's Biggins sheep stoned. The film soundtrack is sung for the most part by Olivia Newton-John.

Fiona Williams of SBS noted that the film was as "Funny as a funeral", awarding the film story star out of five, commenting that "Like a non-standard wedding reception, A Few Best Men is overlong close to at least an hour, and the flimsy plot groans under its own weight.

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Best few

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With A Few Good Friends - Carly Simon

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