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Dating a man with false teeth

Pron Pictures Dating a man with false teeth.
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Announcements Board Help and Feedback. You may not vote on this poll Page 1 of 2 1 2. Would you date someone with false teeth?

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And just so there's no confusion, false teeth as in: First thing that comes to mind when you find out the person you've been dating wears false teeth? Preferred way to find out? Least preferred way to find out? Would it make Dating a man with false teeth difference if the person you've been dating, for whatever reason, suddenly has to get them? Seeing false teeth in a glass of water every night - yes or no? Seems kinda weird, but then I'm guessing she wouldn't be pulling them out at the dinner table or anything.

If she's cool enough to share a bed with, I doubt I'd be concerned with whether she has false teeth. Uh, if they fell out of her mouth at the dinner table?

Just Lurking is offline. If I was otherwise attracted to them, then so what if they had to put their teeth in a glass at night? I wouldn't just write them off for this one reason. Ohh wonder why they had to have them?

As for false teeth -...

For them to tell me within a few months of knowing them. To have someone else tell me.

Nothing really i'd just make an effort to show acceptance, because that would be important. Them just tell me. I really don't care. Are you dating Hans Moleman or something? Ape in space is online now. Wouldn't bother me at all, really. Surprised that i didnt notice until now.

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Least preferred - by myself, seeing something i wasnt supposed to see. Preffered - by herself, i am not judgemental so its no biggie. I would try to be supportive. Reminds me of The Hills Have Eyes lol. But sure, i'd get use to it. Wow do you have a cool story or was it just negligence or maybe a disease?

Overall, dentures should not interfere...

Doesn't really matter a way that is least embarassing for them 3. They tell me but they don't spring it on me. Dunno how they could do that Umm, I dunno, finding out by myself. Like seeing them in a glass of water by accident or something. I'd learn to live with it. My grandpa had those.

I am disappointed by some...

It would be too wierd. Dark Alchemist is offline. I dated a guy once I was 20 years old.

Validate dating a man with false teeth sexy xxx video

I found out when he came out of the bathroom morning one day without them in Did he think it was a funny way to break the news? I knew he didn't have great looking teeth Most likely it wouldn't bother me if they kept them in I think if that info had been handled better I'd not have issues about it now You can rebuild your self-esteem. Rebuild it into a way that others cannot destroy it anymore.

The blokes witty reply; "he's obviously never been gummed then". When you're miserable, you need to make someone even more miserable than yourself.

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Overall, dentures should not interfere...

Sure, but I might help pay for implants. This thread makes me think of that scene from Yes Man. BB code is On.