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Mature 777

FuckBook Base Mature 777.

This project closes one week from today.

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I'm delighted that we're already funded. Your support and enthusiasm have made this a lot of fun so far.

Already more than 15 years...

But I think there's more we can do. I'd Mature 777 to see the English edition of Aquelarre include a silk bookmark, and I'd love to get my own hands on the remaining adventures, especially the solo adventure at backers for the main Aquelarre book.

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Everyone knows the Number of the Beast, the Unholy Trinity, each represented by a 6, the number that stands for imperfection in the Bible. Did you know that stands for the Holy Trinity, where the number 7 is Biblical perfection?

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I'm counting only backers for the full-color Aquelarre toward the primary stretch goals, but the total number of backers ANY backer at ANY level is Mature 777 important to a project. The more backers — and activity in general liking updates etc.

That inevitably means more people find the project to perhaps back it.

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By "any other dice" I mean the limited edition dice as well as the Aquelarre dice that are available anytime as an add-on. These 3d6 will be identical and will have the "6" replaced by the goat head symbol that's on the various d10 that are available as Mature 777.

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