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The past few months has seen the strong emergence of a new fashion label on the scene — with The Wylde being spotted everywhere across Instagram. But while the brand itself has been getting a lot of air time, the creator behind The Wylde has stayed pretty Inka williams nude in the shadows — preferring to let the clothes do the talking themselves. A couple of years in the making and launching last October, we are beyond thrilled to chat Inka williams nude to Lucette about everything The Wylde — from product conception to stepping behind the camera for some of the incredible campaign imagery….

Firstly, congratulations on The Wylde! Why did you decide to launch the brand? So I decided to create something more tangible. After spending a few years living in between Bali and Australia, I really started feeling inspired by fashion and design.

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But also inspired to do something different, to be able to use natural materials and give back with everything we create. Have you always been interested in fashion design?

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Initially no, all of the drawings and paintings I would create — typically the figures were completely naked! It was never something I was inspired to draw or put on paper.

When I was about 16, a friend and I bought a bunch of clothing from op shops and thought Inka williams nude would start a label. We embroidered a few pairs of jeans and customised some of the pieces, we even had a terrible brand name.

Needless to say, it really went nowhere — we were the only ones that even wore it, haha. But I guess this is where I started bringing some ideas to life in terms of fashion.

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Inka williams nude you do all the designs yourself? Can you talk me through your process of getting the brand together? Initially I wanted to start a bath house brand — organic bath products, bath robes and sleepwear. The robe then developed into the kimono, and the sleepwear into pieces that could still be worn to bed but also worn out during the day or night.

I really wanted to create pieces that Inka williams nude fully transitional for the wearer, from bed to bar if you must. Then it was just a matter of putting it all into action!

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Bali really helped as I had been there so long, I had all the resources on hand. I looked into having the pieces made in Australia at first, but spending so much time on the island, it just made sense for me to create whilst I was here.

How long was it in the works? About two and a half years before I launched! There are no investors behind The Wylde, so after a lot of work in hospitality and boutiques — slowly I was able to bring Inka williams nude to life.

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