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Can you build your facial muscles

Naked Gallery Can you build your facial muscles.

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Biology Can you noticeably alter your facial appearance by "exercising" facial muscles? Can you noticeably alter your facial appearance by "exercising" facial muscles? Is it possible to affect your facial build in any significant way through some sort of regular facial work-out weight-bearing or endurance to cause hypertrophy or toning in a similar way that affects larger muscle groups?

Most of the defining characteristics of a face are bone and cartilage. As a human, you're wired to notice mostly the eyes, nose shape, and mouth. These are the key areas that don't change, and why you're able to still recognize someone who's lost a lot of weight, or aged. From a silhouette perspective, fat is the only real augmenter, and even then it takes a significant change before morphing someone's features. As we age, those fatty deposits sag, adding to a look of jowls, or baggy eyes.

But even then, since most of the key features are reliant on bony structures, you are still able to recognize the person. Facial muscles aren't really designed to be "load bearing" aside from 2: The masseter and the temporalis.

Both are used to help close the jaw, and both are laid very low and "inside" against the skull, behind your cheek bones a bit. Look at the bridge behind the cheeks on a skull Aside from Can you build your facial muscles, the rest are pretty much designed around communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

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They need to move quickly, and rather precisely. Human being are hard-wired to recognize faces and what they are communicating to us. Our social development decided to go a visual, instead of a smell-based recognition.

Your brain has areas just for it. Even if you were able to cause some measurable change, it might just flat out go unnoticed. No, the recognizable parts of the face are bone and cartilage, and face muscles don't work that way.

Since you mentioned it, I'll add that the area of your brain specialized in recognizing faces is called the fusiform gyrus. Some people have difficulty in processing and recognizing faces, resulting in a condition called prosopagnosia, or face blindness.

Famous examples of people with prosopagnosia are neurologist Oliver Sacks and American portrait artist Chuck Close. I remember hearing a story on NPR about a man that suffered from seizures. They had his head wired up with electrodes to help isolate the problem area before surgery.

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One of the areas they tested caused him to completely lose recognition of someones face. He said he recognized the clothes his friend was wearing, but it was as if his face just blurred. It was likely this report on this finding from a group of researchers at Stanford. The group identified two very important neural clusters in the fusiform gyrus involved in facial recognition by electrical stimulation in Can you build your facial muscles epilepsy patient.

The video embedded in that paper is worth watching. Here's an excerpt from the paper:. When EBS [electric brain stimulation] was applied through FG electrodes 1 and 2 while looking at the examiner's face, the subject described the striking nature of his visual distortion: That was a trip…. In subsequent discussion post-EBS, the subject reiterated that the face did not morph into an intact face of someone else, but rather it became distorted.

It may be easier for him, as instead of drawing what his brain thinks is there, he can view it as pure shapes instead?

That or he put a lot of effort into learning the structures and features of faces to teach himself to recognise them by that rather than having the instant recall of a normal person and that knowledge of faces helped.

I would suggest people notice the jawline, and particularly the Can you build your facial muscles of the jaw. Presumably the jaw would involve muscle more than the eyes or nose, although the bone structure might be primarily or entirely responsible for its shape.

Any information on this? The bone structure is entirely responsible for the shape of the jaw. Although you can add layers of fat tissue onto it and the rest of the face.

Interesting stuff, but your whole post is about recognition. That wasn't really the question. The question was about "noticeably altering your facial appearance", and the way I see it, ageing and losing weight certainly do that.

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So the question remains, can you also noticeably change your facial appearance by exercising facial muscles? I think it's a matter of what you're considering recognition.

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My angle of thinking was on it being a 2-person process. The subject and the viewer.

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I think in the concept of someone walking up to you and going "Holy crap, you look radically different" I don't feel you could achieve that through any reasonable form of facial exercise. Could be wrong, often am!

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Dizzy gillespie is always the first person that pops into my mind when people ask about facial muscles. When he wasn't playing the trumpet he looked pretty normal.

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