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What age should you start hookup yahoo

xXx Galleries What age should you start hookup yahoo.
A lot of guys are...

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. I am a fourteen year old girl. I'm no slut, but not a prude either, and this boy has been asking me to hookup with him over winter break. I wouldn't be able to tell my parents; they wouldn't approve and I'd probably get in trouble.

He could always promise not to He could always promise not to tell anyone, but then again how can I really know he'd do that?

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Anyway, I do 'like him,' have a 'crush' on him, or whatever you'd call it. He also says he likes me. I have an innate feeling he's trying to take advantage of me, but maybe it's just paranoia? Maybe all guys aren't like that If I DID do it, I'd probably enjoy myself and this will be an opportunity that probably won't come again for me till high school.

He is very hot, very buff. I just want to have some fun, I guess, since I've always been scared to do something like that since I've been sooo afraid my parents would find out.

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Also, I am aware that I am young, and still a kid. That's why I haven't done any of this earlier. I'm not trying to grow up to fast, or anything, and I wouldn't let it get too far.

No sex, hand jobs, or blow jobs. Therefore I am asking, Is it worth the risk of my overprotective parents finding out? Should I not HU with this particular guy? Does What age should you start hookup yahoo sound like he's trying to use me? And is making out really THAT fun, or is it overrated? Thanks so much for your serious responses. And thanks so much for the good advice! Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

OK when you said "hook up" I and everyone immediately assumed all-the-way sex, which is a totally bad idea. You just want to have a little harmless fun. As long as you keep it harmless keep the zippers upyou'll be OK and not a schlutt.

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Don't listen to the religious fanatics in the room - you're safe with just making out. Your parents wouldn't approve of this for sure, because things like kissing and a bit of squeezing can very easily lead to not-so-harmless fun.

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The last thing they want is a daughter who hates herself for giving her body to some guy at the wrong time, and they're probably not ready to be grandparents just yet. That very much can happen, which is why everyone says to slow down and be very careful. Do what you will, but always know that the risks are very real. And yes it's fun, that's why people do it so much. It's the most fun you can have, in fact. If he tries to go too far, tell him you're not ready for that just yet and will let him know if you are.

If he still tries to go to far, call seriously because he will be committing the very serious crime of sexual assault. If he respects your boundaries and you're OK with what is happening, then you'll have a really good time.

To the first part, yes he probably will tell people but probably not your parents. Most likely all his friends. And some guys do like to take advantage of girls that like them, especially at this age! I know exactly how you feel, I was also unsure and I have very protective parents.

If you feel like doing it just for a bit of fun sure, but keep in mind that he may want to go further and might pressure you for more if you do this. He also might not want a relationship and you might start to like him more as he moves on. It probably isn't a What age should you start hookup yahoo idea just yet as it seems there are more negatives and yes, making out is enjoyable but only with someone you love and are connected to.

I was pressured to do this stuff and I'm glad I didn't until I found someone I really cared about and the kissing is MUCH more enjoyable, trust me ;P so many fireworks haha!

He also might not want...

I'm 17 by the way. My dear, I understand that you want to have some fun but I don't think this one is worth the risk. Your parents are protective because they love you and want the best for you. They have been at your age before and have felt what you feel now. Perhaps they have even messed up before or have seen their friends mess up before.

What I am saying is don't go. It is not worth it. This guy might actually take advantage of you despite how you think he is so cute and it will just be making out.

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